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The Origin of Pagan Idolatry (vol 2) from 1816 | The Pagans Borrowed From the Bible Not Vice Versa

Not that we needed anymore evidence of just how evil the Catholic church truly is, but here it is.


Ishtar and Tammuz. Isis and Horus. The Virgin Mary and Jesus. Who came first? The primitive Hamitic & Semitic gods? I suspect that the Mesoamerican gods might have actually been the first and are much older than the Mesopotamian gods of the Semites, but that’s a whole separate issue. Mind Unveiled talks about how the Bible is much older than we think and actually originates from Ancient Ireland. Hence all the Irish names in the Bible like Peter, Paul and Mary. He also talks about America (Amu-Rica) being the true homeland and origins of civilization.

Unknown History of the America’s PLAYLIST:

The Scripture history of idolatry, showing the connexion between the traditions of pagan mythology and the Bible .. | ARCHIVE.ORG | DOWNLOAD .PDF


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