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NOTHING COMPARES! NOTHING… to Their Precious Holocaust! | EL Saturn #576 NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU | TØS

Clownworld loves to talk about their Holocaust. Any excuse to bring up antisemitism they’ll gladly take. They are pretty much trained to behave like this. Gotta kick Nazis like me off the internet for good, right?

NOTHING compares! NOTHING! LOL. How dare we compare the oppression of the Jew to the oppression of us bleached-white Klansman anti-vaxxers with our independent research and our assault rifles and our Bibles and our anti baby-skull-crushing world views??!! And damn right we’ll shoot anyone who tries to forcibly insert a syringe into one of our children you stupid fucking journalist. There’s few life-forms lower than a journalist these days. How is CNN still able to even afford to keep broadcasting their propaganda sludge with how much money they’ve been losing? At least the jackasses at FOX operate in the black.

The media is really irked by the fact that there are actually A LOT of Jews in Israel who are “on our side”[anti-vax] so to say and they loathe the beak-faced post-modern Commie leftist mainstream media anchors who jump on the antisemitism bandwagon for any damn political special interest reason at any time.

Speaking of Jews who are “on our side”, you know that it was other Jews, some who were actual prisoners inside of some these war camps who were the ones who blew the whistle on so many of the Stalinist Holocaust lies. Whoopi actually accidentally got that shit right and didn’t even know it! Lol.

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