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Tartarian Giants (RARE COLLECTION) | Don’t Mess with 12ft Giants… Something Went Terribly Wrong on Magellan’s Voyage to the Philippines

I had never seen a lot of these pictures. This person really did their digging. A few of them look like they had Gigantism for sure, like that Waldo guy that you always see in the Guinness Book of World Records, but most of the rest of the them looked very healthy and proportionate. The one photo of the young girl with the insanely long legs really startled me for whatever reason. Just look at her! Looks a different species of humanoid.

Great finds overall. Very rare and unique collection and not just the same old photos that you see in every video on the Nephilim/Giants. BTW, I’m still not convinced that these much taller predecessors of ours who built so many of the gigantic anomalous buildings we see across the realm were actually Nephilim-hybrids like many in the Christian community will claim.

Just about all of them have been wiped out unfortunately and the genetic, historical and anthropological figures in the mainstream scientific community are all lying pieces of shit, so I don’t think we’ll ever really know what happened in these “Chaldean Wars” as they’ve been coined, that wiped out “Tartaria”(we really shouldn’t call it that) and this mysterious and much larger version of humanity.

This recent video that I came across that describes Magellan’s encounter with 12 foot Giants in Philippines was pretty sensational.

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