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PCR-TEST Infects Man’s Brain w/ Mysterious Black Mass. Is PCR-TEST the Mark of the Beast? | Covaids Masking & Testing Requirements Don’t Exist If You Fly Private. It’s All a Scam Built For the Sheeple. STOP COMPLYING!

I’ve been screaming at people to stop complying for 2 years now. As if it would suddenly work now? Lol.

I’ve been trying not to even acknowledge anything Covaids related, but I felt you needed to see the X-ray of this guy’s brain after taking a PCR-test and anything “Black Goo” related is important.

I don’t think that the PCR-TESTs or even the jabs themselves are the “Mark of the Beast”. According to scripture “The Mark” has to fulfill certain specific requirements that a simple PCR-TEST doesn’t meet.


Don’t let someone smear a q-tip against the membrane of your brain barrier for heavens sake!

https://www.bitchute.com/video/PClNycEYtdDb/ | IS THE PCR-TEST THE MARK OF THE BEAST? I don’t care what they call me. I know what these bastards are. I won’t go easy. Source: Blow the trumpet on the The Brand23
BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/PClNycEYtdDb/

If the NPC’s want to hold out a testing strip for me to spit on from a distance, no problem. They surely already have my DNA via the Healthcare system so it doesn’t matter if they take a little spit at this point, plus it will give me a chance to spray at bit of spit in the face of the Covidiot obediently enforcing the asinine test upon me. But don’t you dare let them stick anything up your nose or down your throat like a gosh darn super dummy. This guy now has a mysterious black mass inside his brain. I’m not saying it’s definitely “Black Goo”, but if I had to guess… maybe.

I had heard about just how insane air travel has become, but I didn’t realize just how badly the situation has digressed. All those PCR-tests and all that frivolous paperwork just to be allowed to fly? Fuck that. I’ll never take a PCR test under any circumstances EVER and I’m prepared to make whatever sacrifices I need to to avoid it. I literally broke up with my GF after she tried to make me take a PCR-test for a trip to Rhode Island. I’m not playing around. They need to respect my stance the same way they would have to respect my religion. My stance is that anyone who thinks Covaids is real at this point is mentally retarded.

Like waving a Magick wand, fly on a private jet and poof! Covaids just magically disappears for the duration of the flight experience and for any airport testing or paperwork requirements AND no one has to wear a mask. (VIDEO)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v16folk-covaids-doesnt-exist-when-you-fly-private.html

https://www.bitchute.com/video/Qro6Uygdlw0E/ | Black strands in a hotdog.
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