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Why is the most important / powerful man in the entire world getting picked up at airport by an Uber/civilian? Where is the security detail? Where is the Secret Service? Why is he carrying his own bags? | Not the first evidence we’ve had of the BiDan Shadow Presidency

I’m not saying that Big T is the one secretly running the country behind the scenes, but it sure as hell ain’t the character behind the Joe Biden silicone mask who’s the one in charge of the U.S. Military at the moment.

More BiDan administration embarrassment. I’m not sure if one of the actors playing the fake Biden character is actually named “Dan”, but that’s what they call him, “BiDan”, and I’m sure they are at least from the “Tribe of Dan” like Big T is.

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So you’re telling me he got off Air Force One only to jump into a public Uber with a couple of his Libtard aides and no Secret Service detail? C’mon people. He didn’t even have his fake Secret Service detail with him who like to drive him around in beat-up SUVs to take him to fake Air Force One boarding staircases or fake oval office movie studios. What a Clown show.

Mike Pompeo Drops Bombs Exposing Biden & Kamala Green Screen – Fake Air Force One

I’m not going to speculate on exactly what’s going on behind the scenes but clearly there is some hardcore civil warfare taking place between the EL-ites at the moment and it’s best to not get involved in their painfully obvious Hegelian dialectic that they’re trying to setup here. Trump might very well be the enemy of so many of the Leftist Globalist scum who’ve wrecked this country and that we despise so much and will eagerly point towards as the enemy, but in reality they are just the easiest to identify as the enemy.

Q is an obvious New Age movement that is very much pro NWO at its core whether they’ll admit it or not. JFK Jr. triumphantly returning from the dead to head some new NESARA-based One World Government? Sounds pretty New World Order’esque to me.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t call out the fake BiDan when they plaster it right in our faces like this. I’ve called him out on this crap before.

THE JOE BIDEN SHADOW PRESIDENCY: https://www.humorousmathematics.com/post/we-are-watching-a-white-hat-movie-the-2021-usa-inc-joe-biden-shadow-presidency?postId=601edc6c1eaac60017f91cba

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