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Police Do NOTHING While Parents Panic. Texas Shooting. My video Keeps Going Viral Then Getting Removed. | Mom who was arrested by cowardly pigs when attempting to enter the school is able to free herself from the handcuffs and rush into the school to get her kids all while cops did nothing

This story is being aggressively censored on platforms across the board apparently. Pretty impressive if true. Getting out of handcuffs like that ain’t easy.

The only reason they were stalling and not allowing anyone in or out of the building was because they were still in the process of setting up their fake crime scene and didn’t want any of the parents who might not have been in on their latest despicable False Flag scheme to see anything they shouldn’t have. Listening to these dummy pigs try to explain themselves and their low-IQ actions is always a fun but cringy activity. I’m only covering this latest False Flag because there is some validity to the narrative that’s being pushed about how useless most law enforcement agencies are. You know how I feel about swine around here.

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