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BUSTED! CNN & NBC Use 2 Different Crisis Actors For “Father” of Girl Slain in Uvalde False Flag | Apparently one was her STEPFATHER…conveniently with the same last name…

Clever girl… this is how they muddy the waters. I still think they messed up though and didn’t mean to air both interviews and are using the Stepfather storyline to cover for someone’s blunder and the obvious miscommunication that occurred between the two despicable intelligence agencies known to most as CNN & MSNBC.

So I guess the chubby guy was her Stepfather, conveniently with the same last name. But fine. It is Texas and there are lots of Garzas. But these two were still clearly Crisis Actors. You’re telling me that you’re going to stop and give a lengthy interview with Anderson Cooper after your child was just brutally murdered? I don’t think so.

Anyone who still believes that this was a real shooting after watching this and reviewing the evidence collated within this post, is so useless and unintelligent that they should be deemed as clinically mentally retarded and a danger to those around them.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/MaPgDgpgFnct/ | It was not real. Why they do this to us has many different reasons. They never do anything for only one reason. Open your mind.
Source: Anti-Disinformation
More videos that will make you shake your head:
No obituaries for any of the alleged Uvalde shooting victims. How can that be?
Not one of the Uvalde school shooting children have any record of ever being born.

Uvalde Texas Shooting False Flag Crisis Actor? (VIDEO)

Uvalde Texas Shooting False Flag (VIDEO)

NO BIRTH RECORD For ANY of The Uvalde Massacre Child Victims https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=88YY944HRRY7 Uvalde (green) update. https://wego.social/post/5697191_uvalde-green-update.html 

Looks like we got setup with this one and the cointelpro goons were able to muddy the waters and make the community look bad. I can’t promise to always get it right right away, but I will always make sure correct the stories that need correcting.

Thank you to the people who pointed this out for me. I can’t watch and read everything in totality every single time and am a bit disappointed in the source I got this from. But yeah, they definitely setup the community with this one. Though, it doesn’t make the acting performances any less uncomfortable to watch.

153news.net: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=7RMX41UO2U5K

“Uvalde school shooting: debunking claims that CNN & NBC aired staged interviews” FRANCE 24 English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbHiVtw_FMQ 6-1-22
According to France 24, it is just a coincidence that Amerie Garza’s two different fathers, I mean her biological father and her step father, both have the same surname: Garza. Shame on anyone who would suggest that the CNN and NBC interviews were staged. “Adding onto this tragedy is just EVIL.”

Original Source: https://t.me/TheParanormiesPresent/9957

First, CNN and NBC use two completely different fathers for the same alleged kid named Amerie Garza.

Next, Angel Garza needs to win some sort of award for Most Melodramatic Crisis Acting. Alfred Garza III didn’t even attempt tears. Lame. No trophies just for showing up, buddy.

Also, bugnats believe this actually happened.

ANGEL Garza Crisis Actor (Version 1 of “Amerie Garzas” Father)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v16p6mp-angel-garza-crisis-actor-version-1-of-ameries-father.html

ALFRED Garza Crisis Actor (Version 2 of “Amerie Garzas” Father)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v16p7wt-alfred-garza-crisis-actor-version-2-of-ameries-father.html

CRISIS ACTORS: When You Need a Lie to Become Truth (VIDEO)

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v16tt73-crisis-actorswhen-you-need-a-lie-to-become-truth.html

Credit goes to “The Paranormies Present” on Telegram for this one.

Crisis Actors:

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