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Crater Earth – InTo the Zing and Zang. “Rock the Ship”: 64 Tetrahedron Energy Field of the Parasite

Radiation Matters continues to put out some of the best content out there. Expert level stuff for sure. His stuff is complimentary of Godgevlamste‘s work and could definitely be considered a direct spin-off and continuation of his original Crater Earth/Parasitic Demiurge theory.

It’s not easy for someone to just jump right into this series or subject matter and have any idea what’s going on, which is one of the reasons I like his presentation style so much. No NPC dummy simpleton is ever going to be able to watch one of his videos and pick up on anything useful. This helps to keep the dummies and the annoying riff-raff crowds like the algorithm-appeasing “Tartarian Bros” on YouTube away from the cooler niches in our community. I still LOVE a few of the “Tartarian-related” channels, but most are lame YouTube-algo-appeasing goons or grifters for the “Great Awakening”.


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