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Flat Earth? Globe Earth? Crater Earth!! Part 1-4 | The Moon is a reflection of a larger Earth

It’s nice to see more people elaborating on this Crater Earth research. There aren’t too many other high quality channels who deal in this subject matter. The Gitmo Channel was a great channel who actually found a connection between Q and Crater Earth but was promptly taken off YouTube after only a dozen videos or so. I archived them though.

Flat Earth? Globe Earth? Crater Earth!! Part 1 – The Moon is a reflection of a larger Earth.


RUMBLE: This video will show you the earth we live upon is a crater in a much larger ball. This first video explains the firmament and the reflection and what we see when we look up at the stars and the moon. As my series progresses I will show you proof that we are living in a crater on a much larger ball that reflected in the firmament looks like the moon. Get ready to throw away all of your flat earth and globe earth theories. This will put them to rest and show you at the very least we are not on a little blue ball floating around in space end it will greatly expand on the flat earth theory.

Flat Earth? Globe Earth? Crater Earth!! Part 2 – We live in a crater on a larger Earth.


RUMBLE: This video takes you through three of Crater guy’s videos. They give you so much information and start getting into the proof of the fact that we are in a crater on a much larger ball that we call earth. This is just the tip of the iceberg I hope these videos to peek your interest and send you down the path of investigation and research for yourself. This is fantastically interesting and it is a game changer. Study this and know this so that we may understand the truth about the world we live in and then we may be able to have intelligent discussions about what exactly we are going to do and where we are going to go. Enjoy.

Crater Guy’s YouTube :

Crater Earth Series Part 3 : The Black Sun (The Hidden One)


This is a video that discusses the science of The Black Sun. This is a continuation of the crater earth series. It does not match up exactly with what crater guy presents however, it does complement his theory very well. I’m not necessarily rooting for any specific theory, I’m simply searching for truth. This video I believe touches on real truth, answers many questions and unveils many more. Enjoy.
The videos presented here come from this channel.

The Awake Mind


RUMBLE: In this fourth installment, I have found research that delves into the sun and precisely what it is and much, much more. We will see videos showing the multitudes of reflections and optical illusions which play out directly in front of our eyes every day. This video looks at the nature of our reality from a practical and esoteric view. This is fascinating and mind-expanding. Challenge your beliefs and expand your awareness. Enjoy.
The feature presentation is from this channel.

The Awake Mind

The videos from the music video at the beginning came from this channel.

Vibes of Cosmos

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