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The Trump Time Travel Miracle – 2022 Revisit – by Jetson White | Q: A Plan to “Save” a Fractal Copy of the World to a 3,6,9 Time-looped Divoc Box

The Trump Time Travel Miracle – 2022 Revisit – by Jetson White (ODYSEE)

Tesla, 3 6 9 / 6 6 6 | The eye of Ra | The Code of the Parasite or HaSatan & the CMYK/Osiris & RBG/Isis Triangle

Mark of the Beast, 3-6-9 Time Loop(88) Matrix

As far as this “Trump Time Travel Miracle stuff goes, I’m not an idiot and don’t actually believe Q is saving the world. But the Time Travel part might still be true. I do think that Trump is probably the Donnie Darko character, minus the “saving of the world part”. Or maybe “saving” this world means to store-away and archive a Quantum fractal copy of it(a Metaverse) within Teslas 3,6,9 time loop and in between the pillars of Boaz & Jachin, imprisoning as many of our souls within this Black Mirror archival copy of our current world as they can, all via #TheGame23. They’d be “saving” this world just like you’d save your Word document to a floppy disk. So they’re not lying to you when they say they’re “saving” the world.

Even Rose Hannah has been seeing this “Divoc Box” encoded comms all up in her own very complicated decodes, so I don’t think there should be much doubt as to what’s going on here and what they are trying to tell us.

Quinn Michaels used to push that #TimePhoneHack hashtag as well. I still think he had something to do with Q. He was Q’s human handler or some shit. I really don’t care about Q and shouldn’t even be sharing this, but you can all make up your own damned(literally) minds. I just thought of the “saving” of the world wordplay, so I figured I’d share it.

UPDATED 4/11/2022
Tesla’s Tech is being used to get Humanity prepared for, and loaded aboard waiting Fleets. Angel Stargates and the Hand of GOD are powering the Divine Time Travel Operation to a New Beginning Timeline.
A complete rework of the popular 2018 Trump Time Travel series. New updated information and confirmations, new images, and new music. Also includes new high-resolution images of ‘Q+.’
NOTE: If you are Human, you are of the Adamic Bloodline.

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