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Scoring Too High on Your Entrance Exam at the Police Academy Disqualifies You From Becoming a Cop! | Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

*There is a post up on Quora that tries to claim that this isn’t true and that they don’t give aptitude/IQ tests to cops, but that’s a straight-up lie. Many departments give actual IQ tests and the Police Academy entrance exam study guide has mostly aptitude-related sections as you can see below. So that’s bullshit and Quora is covering for them.

Those are the same kinds of sections you’d see in an IQ test. It’s the same thing. A stripped down version of an actual IQ test.

Too Smart To Be A Cop? – CBS NEWS

Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops – ABC NEWS

Hahahaha. This is a real thing. If you score too high on the entrance exam or aptitude test at the policy academy, they won’t accept you. This is real life. This is not a parity piece. This is actual policy with supporting case law. I mean, it does explain A LOT. The wife beating. The K-9 murdering. The people murdering. The serial raping. The bootlicking. The never ending RAGING ineptitude and shocking disregard for decency. Well, now we have a bit more insight as to why this is. They make a point to weed out any applicant who might actually NOT be a fucking inbred redneck fatherless douchebag super-dummy.. SMH….

This is a big part of our Clownworld. These retard law enforcement personnel. Downs Syndrome kids are precious by the way. A gift to humanity. I really mean that.

Cops murdered my cousin Jerry back in the 90’s and I’ve had my own personal dealings with corrupt local, now ex-pigs that gives me all the justification in the world(along with the never ending flow of misconduct stories) to talk about them the way I do and is why I enjoy watching footage of cops dying so much. Stop being literal pieces of shit and people will stop hating you and putting your asses up on YouTube for murdering dogs and beating handcuffed women in squad cars.

Haven’t these retards figured out that EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE is recorded these days?

And to all the right-wingers who blindly support cops and send me emails whining about the way I talk about them, just stop it. There are no “hero cops”. That’s their fucking job and what they are paid for.

I think all state police departments should be disbanded and there should only be Sheriff’s offices with yearly elections.

The second half of the following video gives a list of insane factoids about our American law enforcement personnel and was where I learned about their aptitude policy.

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