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Rockefeller Mansion Built On Top of Ancient Altar Used For Blood Sacrifices by Tribe of 8-9 Foot Tall Natives on Jekyll Island | WHITE BALDING GIANTS in AMERICA/False History

I heard a story so unbelievable, it made me travel to Jekyll island GA to investigate it for myself. What if the history we are told is not true?

A lot of these North American natives that were first documented by the invading Colonists(especially the tribes in Florida) were depicted as very tall and clearly Caucasian and actually looked a lot like George Washington with their balding hair styles and pastel skin tone. There were also very dark skinned Natives in other parts of the country who were indigenous to the Americas who were later erroneously claimed to have come from Africa via the slave trade.

The point is, there were native tribes in the Americas that had a wide spectrum of skin tones and many black and white Americans are actually native to the continent and don’t even realize it, as we’ve been fed a falsified version of our own history and don’t realize that our descendants did not actually immigrate to America from Europe or Africa like we’ve been told via mainstream history(his story, not my story).

Look at the Native TOWER over the Spanish Conquistador in the image on the right!(somewhere in Florida or Georgia).

These Floridian Natives in particular look pretty darn Caucasian to me. The men have a bit of an Incan/Aymara complexion actually, but the women look like they might as well be Greek goddesses. I’m sure in actuality they looked unlike any known race today and I shouldn’t even be attempting to compare them to Caucasians. The sheer racial diversity of these native people’s is pretty apparent.

Bernard Picart Copper Plate Engraving of Florida Indians, Circa 1721 “Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses de tous les Peuples du Monde” (Private Collection of L.S. Morgan, St. Augustine Beach, FL)

Seminole leader Osceola (looking VERY fair skinned).

Timucua Indians at a shrine they set up around a column erected by the French in 1562. |
Timucan Indians going to war |
Timucua Indians at a feast |
This engraving by Theodore de Bry showing Florida Indians is called “The Chief Applied to by Women Whose Husbands Have Died in the War or by Disease. The same women appear in an engraving of Brazilian Indians Florida Memory. |

Historic photo – White Indians of Darien, Panama 1920 |

“There is evidence that some pre-Columbian American Indians had white skin and blond hair. This photograph taken in the 1920s shows a white Indian child in native dress from the Chepu Tule tribe in Panama. Besides Columbus, Cortez found white Indians imprisoned in Montezuma’s palace in Mexico City, George Vancouver saw them on Vancouver Island in 1792, and commander Stiles of the American Navy claimed to have seen the same group in 1848. Humboldt saw about 100 of them in Columbia in 1801.”

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