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So a hologram of the queen drove through London in a golden carriage today. And people waved at it. They waved at a hologram.


Lol. Yeah. Most people are r-tards and the U.K. is a really bizarre place overall. What can you say? Let em r-tard out and wave at holograms if it makes them feel better during these last few years of life before they ultimately succumb to their jabs or get led straight off some other cliff to their doom in their desperation to conform to the Clownworld and obey their precious implied authority figures.

As far as the Queen goes, who cares if she’s not really there? That Lizard lady has lived for thousands of years and was likely just busy malting her old coat for a fresh meat suit. Who knows? I doubt that thing could ever die unfortunately despite the recent rumors I’ve heard of her demise.

Not the first time we’ve seen them use a hologram to replace a decrepit old POS world leader for a public appearance. They used a hologram for Pope Francis a while back after Kushner & T executed the flesh and blood version during their bloodline Civil War and the Vatican tried to pass it off as the real thing until it glitched-out in front of millions of people causing him to vanish into thin air.

Pope Francis Disappears. Hologram?



  1. MikieSnaxx

    The Hologram is such an obvious fake. No grey hair!! Their brains r n atrophy.

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