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NO BIRTH RECORD For ANY of The Uvalde Massacre Child Victims

Ummm hmmm…. were you expecting this False Flag to be any less sloppy than the rest? God forbid they learn from their past mistakes and oversights or learn how to hire Crisis Actors who aren’t clownish and laughable douchebags.

I still don’t understand why they do this. All to stop 18 year olds from being able to obtain a firearm? Sheesh… They can’t usurp the 2nd Amendment no matter how many kids they fake kill.

Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=88YY944HRRY7


Anyone can take an old photo of a person from a family album, and give it any name and birth date one chooses. When that person disappears without a trace, you can claim that was for any reason one wishes.

That appears to have been the method used for Sandy Hook. Was it used here as well? Certainly looks like it.

So someone is citing Q drops from 2017 in relation to Uvalde? (BELOW)

Image Source: https://wego.social/post/5697191_uvalde-green-update.html

Uvalde (green) update. [As you may know, other sources claim that there are no birth certificates of alleged victims, nor obituaries. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=88YY944HRRY7 so, were these all trafficked kids?] | https://wego.social/post/5697191_uvalde-green-update.html
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