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When Heaven is cracked…. Ch. 82 The Shattering : Al-Infitaar | The Quran Talking About The Watchers, The Matrix & The Soul Trap?

By now most of you know how I feel about any scripture from any religion and the unlikelihood that any of it is the actual unrevised original word of the Creator God. Whether it’s the Quran or the Bible, men are indeed the ones most likely to be responsible for the contents of these ancient texts. With some of the texts also perhaps having been channeled directly from the Demonic “Watchers” / Legion Spirit who oversee this place for the Progenitor of the Demiurge. These Enochian entities were likely the ones who encoded the Torah with its equidistant spatial letter sequencing, commonly known by researchers and scholars as “The Bible code”. Humans back in during the time period when the Torah was supposedly written could not have done this and embedded what is essentially binary computer code within the body of the text.

So in my opinion scripture is essentially a script that was authored by both Fallen entities and the earthly human avatars that they control. That being said, there are still plenty of useful parables and revealing insights that can be gained by studying these texts. It must be an attempt by the Progenitor at following some semblance of Natural Law by revealing these things to those who seek to know.

The following passage from the Quran very much reminded me of the soul trap and also seemed to describe the end of the Matrix and how a soul must shed the falsities of this world. It also makes a direct reference to “The Watchers”. I’m not suddenly a Muslim now, don’t worry. I just found these verses to be interesting.

The last passage is warning the individual to shed any earthly bonds that still might be weighing you and your soul down and preventing it from traveling to where it needs to go.

3. to the  awakening of the Inner Light in the Soul at any time, that being considered as Death to the Falsities of this life and a Rebirth to the true Spiritual Reality.”

2 of my favorite documentary films of all time(“The Arrivals” and “The Antichrist Dajjal will be a Reptilian Shapeshifter” ) were produced by Quran-loving Muslims(Hashemsfilms). They put forth an inspirational message about how Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all actually based upon the same premise of there being but a sole creator God and how its actually the same God that all these different religions in fact worshiped. An anecdote and historical precedent that has conveniently been forgotten over time as the controllers use Dogmatic tribalism and philosophical extremism to pin these different religious sects against one and other in order to keep the population divided and weak.


When Heaven is cracked….

Ch. 82 The Shattering : Al-Infitaar

82:0 In the name of God, the Almighty, the Merciful.

82:1 When the heaven is cracked.

82:2 And when the planets are scattered.

82:3 And when the seas burst.

82:4 And when the graves are laid open.

82:5 The soul will know what it has brought forth and what it has left behind.

82:6 O man, what made you arrogant against your Lord, The Generous?

82:7 The One who created you, then evolved you, then made you upright?

82:8 In any which picture He chooses, He places you.

82:9 No, you are but deniers of the system.

82:10 And over you are those who watch.

82:11 Honorable scribes.

82:12 They know what you do.

82:13 The pious are in Paradise.

82:14 And the wicked are in Hell.

82:15 They will enter it on the Day of Judgment.

82:16 And they will not be absent from it.

82:17 And do you know what is the Day of Judgment?

82:18 Then again, do you know what is the Day of Judgment?

82:19 The Day when no soul possesses anything for any other soul, and the decision on that Day is to God.


  1. The reason the Torah is written like that is because the human authors were high mystics, clairvoyants and prophets who wrote it with help from Yahweh, a Higher Being (not God himself). Not all Higher Beings are fallen. I do think however that the Enochian beings are the same as the hosts of Lucifer.

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