Telegram & WordPress.com Censored Me On the Same Day…😔😭

So it looks like the pieces of shit who run this reality decided to hide away my Telegram account AND delete half of my WordPress.com sites, all on the same day. WordPress.con sites that I had uploaded a ton of video content to and now I’ve been forced to scramble to try to fix so many of the dead links as I can and will have to try to create a new Telegram account. I don’t even know if you can sign up for Telegram using an email account anymore. I think it’s phone number only and obviously this number has been flagged. I’m not sure what else I can do about the Telegram issue. What a pain in the ass. I guess they aren’t free speech friendly after all. I don’t think any place is. I bet it was just one loser asshole who reported me. I can still see and access all my stuff, but no one else can. It’s ridiculous.

I’m just going to have to figure out a new way to share links, so for now I’ll have to make WP posts only.

FUCK THE WORLD… If they want me to stop, they’ll have to do me the favor of removing me from this world, which doesn’t seem to part of their plan for me for whatever the reason.

Moving forward I guess I’m just going to have to post all the links I want to share up on my Twitter feed. Lol. Not sure how long that will last but we’re about to find out.


Telegram won’t even let me display one post at a time👇👇. The whole feed is blocked for everyone but me. Wow…. that’s just swell fellas… thanks so much for letting me see my own shit but no one else.


  1. MikieSnaxx

    I love ur bad azz attitude. I have turned many people onto ur blog.

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