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Westworld Season 4 Airs June 26th! Right Around the Corner!

Westworld Season 4 airs June 26th on HBO. FINALLY!!!

Not too excited to see that the promotional material for this latest season features the title “Adapt or Die”, but we already knew that the messages conveyed in the show are more of a warning to humanity if anything, so it is what it is. If you go by the mantra “the dumber the happier” then this particular show isn’t for you.

I’m slightly embarrassed to be actually promoting a mainstream HBO series like this, but that show is so damn good and filled with useful insights into the “true” nature of reality and consciousness and if you follow me you’d know that I talk about that show all the time. I know Divergent is as also excited as I am.

The only other HBO shows you’ll ever find me going out of my way to mention and promote are anything staring Chris Lilley. The funniest human being on the face of the earth. His latest show is called “Lunatics”, but I’m not sure if it’s on HBO or if it’s just one of those podcast streams. His other shows: Angry Boys, Jonah From Tonga, Summer Heights High, Ja’mie: Private School Girl

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