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Pete Buttigieg is former Navy Intel and a CIA Asset. He has been groomed to run for president and is deep state. Remember this when Biden does not run and the dems nominate him.

Gay Pete handling a weapon and engaging in combat operations? Hey, I saw a twinkled-toed Hispanic dude absolutely wreck a thugged-out gangbanger one time, so I ain’t judging. In fact, in many ways it’s the perfect cover. At least until now. I bet he’s not even gay.

I will have to do some more follow-up on this story before we start falling over ourselves to believe anything we see on Reddit. Though, I have heard that those Rhodes Scholarships are just fronts for international espionage operators and Mayor Pete was a Rhodes Scholar.

Preliminary investigation seems to confirm Pete’s C.I.A. ties.


Mayor Pete and the Spies Who Love Him

  • Mayor Pete’s “outsider” image, carefully constructed by spin-masters, obscures deep establishment roots.
  • His foreign policy adviser is a powerful DC and Pentagon insider who started mentoring him right out of college. 
  • This was the same man who encouraged once-peacenik Buttigieg to join the military, an important factor in his political climb. 
  • Buttigieg claims to be running to “upend” the foreign policy establishment but his 450-member foreign policy apparatus is led by pillars of the status quo.
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