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Why do some of you believe that Saturn is good?

The entity behind the Saturn Cube is not just the god of this world, it IS this world, and it’s a cold, dark and evil one at its 3D holographic core. A soul devourer. Worship that deity at your own peril. You don’t want to owe that wretched old man known as “Father Time” a damn thing.

Are you starting to see how all these deities are really just avatars for this one single entity? Jesus, Archangel Michael, Zues, Chronos, Bael… take your pick. It’s all the same.


REDDIT: Why do some of you believe that Saturn is good?

“Beware the evil of this god when He is angered or to the west of the Sun or veiled in its rays in the middle of its return. Pray to Him this prayer which we have just given here. While you are praying this prayer, give a burnt offering to His idol consisting of old hides, grease, strips of leather and dead bats. Burn for Him fourteen dead bats and an equal amount of rats. Then take their ashes and prostrate yourself on them in front of His idol. Prostrate yourselves to Him [in the form of ] a black stone on black sand and seek refuge from Him against his evil, because O my brethren and beloved ones, He is the cause of the perishing of all that perishes, the cause of decay of all that decays, the cause of perdition of all that is destroyed, the cause of sorrow of all the sorrowful ones, and the weeping of all the weeping ones. He is the Lord of evil and sin and filth and dirt and poverty. This is what He does to men when He is angered, but when He is content then He gives them existence, long life, fame after their death, acceptance in the eyes of those who look at them and sweetness of speech. His anger is to be [feared] in situations like I just described to you, but his contentment is to be expected when He is east of the Sun or in the middle of His course or in places which agree with His actions or in the full speed of His travel or in the cycle of His ascendance. If you pray to Him when He is angered, repeat your prayer and the sacrifice when He is content and remind Him of the earlier prayer and repeat it to Him so that you might escape his evil. “

From: The Last Pagans of Iraq: Ibn Wahshiyya and His Nabatean Agriculture. Islamic History and Civilization, v. 63 (Leiden: Brill. 2006), p. 153.

“saturn’s power is cold, hard and its core is made of misfortune, corruption, stinky, vicious, betrayal and is scary. Saturn also if he gets hold of any matter it betrays; separates and scares. It has the pursuance of 44 gardens, rivers, plowing, farming, provides with a lot of money, cheapness, poverty, disputes, traveling to far bad places, it also has the signs of depression, grudge, cunning, circumcision, refuge, no socialization and every other matter which has to do with evil, forcefulness, jail, change, fatigue, hard work, weakness, corruption, truthful words, friendliness, determination and old age, advocacy, building, [depressions], [fear], too much thinking, worries, experiences, anger, insistent, doing less goodness, concerns, sadness, difficulties, grimness, death, cheating, inheritance, accusations, old things, brooding, too much talking, the knowledge of secrets, the mysterious side of things, and if Saturn is retrograde it holds the signs of disgrace and weakness. It also has the signs of binding insistence [restraint] on certain matters, and if Saturn as it is retrograde happens to face another planet, it weakens that planet too.”

From: The Picatrix on Zahul (saturn).

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