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The Nephilim Looked Like Clowns 4: Grinning Man | The Liquid Crystal Holographic Clownworld of Court Jesters, Machine Elves and Grey Aliens

Looking into the grinning man phenomenon and its connections to the Nephilim, Giants, Clowns, etc…. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/conspiracyrus Link to original series(17 episodes): https://www.youtube.com/user/uconspir…

These guys have really nailed it with this theory and also provided for a very valid line of reasoning for explaining so much of the “Liquid Crystalization” shape-shifting phenomenon that we’ve seen over the years. I covered this topic pretty extensively in my last post on it.

I also think that these entities are more related to some kind of Octopus/Cephalopod Xenomorphic creature than they are related to Serpents. I think the Reptoids might just be their foot soldiers.

These are the fuckers who vibrate our false 3D holographic reality matrix into existence. They’re literal Demonic Jester Clown Elves.

ART OF WAR: A.I. FEAR BASED MIND CONTROL (CLOWNS – FEARS UNLEASHED) PART I OF II. | https://www.bitchute.com/video/y29JSUwphJq6/

The black and white checkerboard pattern that we see manifest itself in so many pieces of shape-shifting footage, paired with the prominence of this same checkerboard pattern found all up in the symbolism used by the Illuminaughty, reveals an undeniable connection to the Matrix Progenitor. These same black and white checkerboard designs can also be found on many ancient Native American depictions of inter-dimensional entities. Entities that look exactly like the Jesters and Clowns that many people have reported to have come in contact with when under the influence of DMT.

They are also known as The Machine Elves, Court Jesters, plain old Demonic looking Clowns and the classic Grey Alien humanoid. These are the Matrix agents. This is why this place is called Clownworld. Clownworld is also a play on Clone-world, since this world is full of cloned Robotoids with an alchemical holographic veil that has a raw substrate resembling the black and white checkerboard pattern that we see appear when the get distressed and malfunction.

The NEPHILIM (Demons) Looked Like CLOWNS/JESTERS – PART 12 – Seeing Jesters

They became pretty excited when Uncanny Deduction decided to divert so much of his attention to the clown fractal residue that he kept encountering as he delved deeper into the phenomenon. He seriously had to stop talking about them because they began to show up everywhere.

These fuckers really do look like that and they almost seemed to be excited that someone had finally figured this out and was letting him know it. He had to stop talking about it after the clown fractal started to spiral out of control with “approval” so to speak.

Chequered – WHALE.TO: http://whale.to/b/chequered.html

You can even see some of the Hopi Jesters depicted eating Watermelon, which is code for Adrenochrome and Cannibalism(thanks to YBD for teaching me that one).

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