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Level Earth Moon TRUTH vs Flat Earth Map DOCTRINE LIE | The Sulpicius Gallus M “Crater” is Our “Crater Earth” Realm

Vibes of Cosmos:…

Divergent is absolutely right that the “classic” and most widely used Flat Earth map that we see circulating in the F.E. community is DEAD wrong and blatant cointelpro disinformation. Jake the Asshole is another one who points this out. However, I still think that the “Crater Earth” model that Godgevlamste came up with is more likely to be the correct model than the Vibes of Cosmos one that Divergent is showing you above. In my experience I’ve found much more evidence supporting the Sulpicius Gallus M theory which postulates that we live in a tiny crater on a much MUCH larger land mass than Vibes of Cosmos suggests. We’re talking thousands of times bigger instead of just 3 or 4 times as big as “conventional” Earth.

You can see the Sulpicius Gallus M symbolism embedded all over the place and in plain sight. That’s how how the faggots who run this place roll. Start looking out for it yourself and I guarantee you will begin to see the symbol of the crater with the little notch in the corner of it EVERYWHERE(e.g. architecture, logos, Hollywood films, city layouts, hand gestures). They purposefully cram these things right in our faces as a way to both mock us and in order to abide by some semblance of Natural Law in an attempt to cover their asses when the consciousness Creator God asks them to explain themselves and what they’ve been doing to the poor souls trapped in this holographic matrix hell.


Here are some of Divergents older videos from his original channel that are in Spanish. I apologize that they are not in English. I am by no means fluent in Spanish, but I know enough to be able to watch videos in Spanish.

Godgevlamste’s latest video is great by the way.

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