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What Will The Next Fake Mission Look Like?

I will NEVER understand why so many people worship Elon Musk. He can barely even talk and is a total hypocrite who has contradicted himself and flat out lied on numerous occasions about some pretty big stuff. How about his promise that all Teslas would be 100% autonomous and able to be used as auto-taxis by 2018? They have now been forced to admit that they will NEVER be able to achieve 100% automation EVER with the current hardware setup. You’d think that Tesla would have folded after that, not become the most valuable company on earth. The game is rigged. I’m pretty sure that the original Elon Musk from South Africa who founded PayPal is long dead and gone and replaced with the current Robotoidal abomination that we keep seeing all over the damn place.


With it now being “53 years since,” the PTBe must understand that they have to deliver something to the people soon. What do you think the next fake mission will look like? Will it be to the moon or to Mars? Is the CGI “movie” already made and produced at this point? Personally, I believe they have most of it already done as of 2022. It’s just a matter of when they will need to roll it out to the dummies. The WOPR computer will let them know when they can’t appease the people any longer by moving the goal post with more talk, and when they will finally need to deliver “something real,” which of course, will be fake.

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