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Your conscience reality #holographic #VR #quantum | Everything is Consciousness. The Physical World is Just an Illusion & an Expression of Computer Code. The Creator God Created Consciousness, NOT the Physical World

The children who were the best at regurgitating information and mindlessly repeating back the pre-existing ideas and concepts that were belched out to them by our public school systems end up being the ones who are ultimately put in charge of our society and seated in positions of power and given all that implied authority to make those important decisions that end up affecting the rest of us while establishing the baseline for what’s “normal” and what’s expected of you. The ones who questioned the status quo and went against the grain were usually ostracized and ridiculed into submission by the NPC’s around them, stagnating any chance at positive societal reform and any potential re-emergence of the spiritual and non-physical interpretations of the world we live in.

Emotions are a good example of something that is part of a realm that aren’t detectable by any of our 5 senses and is clear proof of the non-physical essence and nature of reality. But society doesn’t want to acknowledge this and it’s unfortunate.

If you’re reading this then you are one of the ones who wouldn’t submit to the clownery of this shitbox society and reality and I love and appreciate you for that. The more you continue to alienate yourself from the rest of the world, the better you will feel. Be yourself always and fuck the rest of the world and all the cowardly conformist losers within in. You are much MUCH better than them.

The “real” world is made of consciousness, not physical matter. The Creator God is the creator of all consciousness and not the creator of all physical matter and green plants and animals and mountains and oceans. Those are all constructs of the Demiurge and merely virtual sensory artifacts expressed within the code that is the Saturn Cube 3D holographic reality matrix, looping us within a 3,6,9 time prison and recycling our souls over and over again via the Moon Matrix reincarnation soul trap machine.

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