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Twitter Just Won’t Ban Me No Matter What I Say… LOL. Roe vs. Wade Insanity Continues. | Father Begs Girlfriend Not to Abort Their Child in “Heartbreaking” Scene. | Libtards Calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a Nigger!!!!

I really didn’t want to weigh in on the Roe vs. Wade Carnival show and I suspect that the above video might not even be genuine and is just more of the usual poking and prodding by the pieces of shit who run this reality and the news cycle within it. But in principle this kind of scene likely does play itself out more often than most would like to admit.

Personally, I wouldn’t do the disservice of bringing another soul into this world to be entrapped in a human meat suit and stuck in Clownworld, but I can totally understand why a father would feel the way this one did(allegedly). I think abortions are absolutely gross and infinitely disturbing and the fact that so many women are this aloof about snuffing out the life of their own kin is indicative of what can only be described as a widespread post-modern mental illness and a type of Demonic possession even and these people should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

You shouldn’t be allowed to just irresponsibly let a bunch of dudes cum inside of you and then hastily murder the embryo that ends up developing afterwards. And at the least it shouldn’t be a Constitutionally protected “right”. This shit is wild! I hope this means that the Matrix is ending soon.

You got white women out here calling Justice Thomas a “clown in blackface” and a “uppity nigger” and shit. It’s out of control. Who do these racist baby murderers think they are? Talk about Democrat Double Standards!!! Calling a Supreme Court Justice a nigger? Jesus Christ Libtards. NOT OK! You have hit rock bottom. Clean it the fuck up. You lost this one. Accept it and move the fuck on. Or don’t, but either way, the baby skull crushing era is OVER! Get over it you fucking lowlifes.

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