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Update on Former Officer Ryan Kuehner of the St. Charles County Police Dept. Who Shot & Killed His Neighbors Dog With a Pellet Gun Like the Low-IQ Sadistic Savage He & Most Cops Are

I had to repost this story just so I could publish this pigs name and do my part to use my small but feisty influence to ensure he’s memorialized forever via the Meta data for any search inquiries made on this incident for the rest of his useless bootlicking life. Have fun finding a job you slobbish tub of wife beating and K-9 murdering shit. I get enough traffic these days that there is no way this lowlife will ever be able to hide what’s he’s done to any of his potential future employers and I hope he never gets another job again, driving him to suicide. Posts like mine will keep his name smeared in diarrhea like it deserves to be so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope Ryan just offs himself. He can apologize all he wants, my posts are forever bitch.

I’m glad that he was charged for animal cruelty, lost his job and got his ass lit up on prime time nightly local news and in turn publicly exposed for the steaming pile of dogs shit he is.

Awww… he was trying to keep his name anonymous. Lol. That’s how fucking dumb these law enforcement “professionals” truly are. He actually for a moment thought he could keep his identity a secret. Nice try faggot Ryan Kuehner. You’re about to be embarrassed even harder than back in day during your troubled childhood when your step-dad used to come into your room at night and take off your underwear and put you up on his lap for daddy cuddle time. A nightly routine that usually followed a fresh beating of your mommy in the other room who was still sobbing. Go ahead and Google “cops 40%” and you’ll see what I’m taking about as far as the pig spouse beating phenomenon goes.

And that just the 40% who are reporting their abusive cop husbands.. Most women are too terrified to expose their pig husbands for beating on them… for obvious reasons. This means the true rate is closer to 100%.

Notice how dumb he sounded and how he could barely even enunciate his words at an adult level. This loser would be more useful being churned up into a biopaste and fed to aquarium fish. At least he could serve some kind of useful purpose if he went ahead and just jumped right on into a wood chipper. Guaranteeing the safety of any living creature that might have potentially crossed paths with him in the future.

I might as well use this opportunity to post THE most fucked up police misconduct story I’ve ever seen and that’s saying A LOT. The following footage is extremely disturbing and I actually don’t even recommend watching it to be honest.


St. Charles County Sheriff’s Deputy charged after pellet gun death of neighbor’s dog

Ryan Kuehner is now facing a class A misdemeanor following the death of Apollo

Author: Christine Byers (KSDK)

Published: 4:44 PM CDT June 27, 2022

Updated: 3:04 PM CDT June 28, 2022

ST CHARLES, Mo. — A St. Charles County Sheriff’s Deputy has resigned and was charged with a misdemeanor after police say he shot and killed his neighbor’s dog with a pellet gun.

Ryan Kuehner was charged with animal abuse, a class A misdemeanor for the May 22 incident in which Apollo, a 3-year-old rescue from Spain was shot in the middle of a subdivision.

A member of Kuehner’s family works in the St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar’s office, so Lohmar asked for a special prosecutor to handle the case. 

Lohmar’s office was inundated with hate mail, social media attacks and voicemails from people accusing him of neglecting his duties to prosecute the case by asking for a special prosecutor, according to his spokesperson.

Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Trisha Stefanski was appointed to the case. She issued the single charge of animal abuse Monday.

The dog’s owner, Erica Hansen, noticed something was off with the dog after they finished some yard work and told 5 On Your Side’s Holden Kurwicki the dog was coughing, foaming at the mouth and collapsing.

She and her husband, Eric Bacon, rushed him to the vet, but he could not be resuscitated. X-rays revealed Apollo had been shot in the lungs with a pellet gun.

St. Charles County Sheriff Scott Lewis said Kuehner worked for his department from Aug. 11, 2020 through June 17.

In a statement, Lewis wrote “Mr. Bacon filed a written complaint against Kuehner with the Sheriff’s Office. I directed an internal investigation to be conducted. Upon my review of that report, I sustained Mr. Bacon’s complaint and initiated disciplinary proceedings and Kuehner resigned effective 06-17-2022. I met with Mr. Bacon last week and informed him of the conclusion of his complaint and again apologized for his and his family’s loss of Apollo.”

Bacon recorded himself asking neighbors if they owned pellet guns. When he got to Kuehner’s home, he admitted to owning a pellet gun.

“Did you shoot my dog?” asked Bacon.

Video of the exchange shows Kuehner identify himself as a St. Charles County sheriff’s deputy.

“What was your dog doing in my yard?” Kuehner asked Bacon.

“All he ever wanted to do was make friends with everybody he met,” said Bacon.

“What do you got a pit bull?” the neighbor asked.

“He’s not a pit bull,” said Bacon.

Bacon said he never saw his dog go near the deputy’s yard.

“I have extreme concerns about this man being in a position of public trust,” Bacon told 5 On Your Side.

Kuehner has not responded to requests for comment.

The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department stationed a deputy outside of his house shortly after the dog’s death.

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