2020 Election, The Matrix, Your Watching a Movie

House committee holds hearing on the January 6 storming of the US Capitol. PROOF of FALSE REALITY for round one NEWS MEDIA & GOVERNMENT.

I remember when TO2 had found evidence of something similar when they were supposedly holding those emergency hearings about the voter fraud that was forensically revealed by certain State auditors directly after the 2020 Presidential election. There were some anomalies with the publishing dates / Metadata that was embedded within the description of the YouTube video. The times tamps kept changing each time Tim went back to look at the video.

Of course all this January 6th mania is part of our fake reality Clownworld sideshow, designed to keep the sheep distracted, divided and demoralized. They know exactly what they are doing and the fact that most people fall for this garbage is absolutely inexcusable. One must realize that it’s not just the 2020 Presidential election that was a sham. Our whole reality is a scam in itself. Every shred of the mainstream media’s rhetoric is torn straight off their putrid propoganda rag that Rachel Maddow keeps rolled up in a little ball inside her surgically modified genitalia.

I really like this Donna Scott Twitter account. I think I used to be subscribed to her but Twatts unsubscribed me from her feed.

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