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Almost five thousand years ago, Imhotep built the step pyramid, for Djoser, at Saqqara, as he pioneered brain surgery.

Once you’ve discovered brain surgery, it’s not that difficult to put a small radio in someone’s head to make them hear voices, or have epileptic fits, as long as you have a high place from which to broadcast.

In those days, it was the pyramids!

Not to mention that other famous feature of Egypt….

The obelisks!

They were antennae!

Just as attack towers are now disguised as cell phone towers—and cell phone towers are now disguised as trees, or flag poles, or crosses, or churches, or sculpture—in those days, they were disguised as pyramids and obelisks—with the spires of medieval cathedrals later thrown in!

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Egyptian radionics are just an older version of the technology that is used against us now.

And they come from a time when only a select few were implanted: unlike now, when it’s everyone.

Is it really that hard to believe that the people who invented brain surgery could invent a radio?

Especially when we have evidence of ancient batteries, which could be linked together to increase their voltage?

And especially when we see a bas relief at the Hathor Temple, in Dendera, which seems to show some kind of light bulbs?

Is it that hard to believe the Egyptians could combine their knowledge of neurosurgery, of which we know, with the high platforms of the pyramids, and the obelisks, of which we know, along with radio, about which we can speculate—all in order to manipulate people?

One thousand years after Imhotep developed the techniques for brain surgery that are set forth in the Edwin Smith Papyrus, neurosurgery was used on the royal family of Egypt.

It would make no sense to do this unless it was part of a mind control program.

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You can see the evidence of early cybernetics programs, combined with brain surgery, in the Pharaoh Akhenaten, who had some kind of physical deformity, since they messed up his glands when they cut him open to implant him.

You can see further evidence of early cybernetics programs, combined with brain surgery, in the daughter of Akhenaten, whom he raped, as her head grew abnormally large around the implant they put in her skull.

Akhenaten married a trans-sexual, Nefertiti, otherwise known as Neferneferuaten, as he changed his name, effected a religious revolution, and shifted enormous wealth from one group of people to another.

If they could do that in Ancient Egypt, where enormous wealth was at stake, where else would they have done it?

Ancient Rome!

Just look at the enormous wealth and resources!

If that’s not a motive for crime, using state of the art technology, I don’t know what is.

The Romans had brain surgery, which they used on the gladiators and others.

Is there anyone else who fits Akhenaten’s profile?

Julius Caesar!

Like many homosexuals in the Roman Army, Julius Caesar was a worshipper in a secret sun cult, which came from the East, the Rites of Mithras—like Akhenaten the False Sun-Worshipper.

The Cult of Mithras, the Sun God, whose birthday falls on Christmas, as Christian altars were built over Mithraic shrines, is kind of like the worship of the Son we see in the Roman Catholic Church, full of child molesters, where the Holy Father carries the Solar Monstrance.

Do you see the sun in the Christogram used by the Jesuits, who train the Directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, while they run the Papacy?

They are directly connected to the Nazis, who sent an expedition to the Himalayas, in Tibet, the Highest Mountains in the World, closest to the Sun, because they held strange beliefs.

Did I mention the Tibetans had an obelisk—inside Potala Gate?

Or that Hollywood, run by Jews, aside from its fascination with Nazis, loves Tibet?

Nazi scientists moved through OPERATION PAPERCLIP, into NASA, as they were directed into the USA, by the OSS, and the CIA, which was run, through the Knights of Malta, with the blessing of Rome.

Those same Nazis, run by OSS, CIA, and NASA, as USAF was formed, began to investigate the Solar System.

But their real project was mind control!

That’s why the radio communications system has moved beyond attack towers to satellites, as they plan to put one hundred thousand more in the sky, from the current seven thousand, increasing the number by more than thirteen times.

Just look at the weirdos!

The Caesars were leaders in the church, and the empire, who held enormous riches, as others controlled them, just as the same connections run, today, among the bankers, the politicians, the priests, the scientists, and the spies.

They all tie back to Ancient Rome and Ancient Egypt, as the enemies of humanity cannot help but advertise in the hubs of Washington and London.

Not to mention New York, where the United Nations stands, just around the corner from Cleopatra’s Needle.

Was the Egyptian obelisk itself a kind of signal tower?

Why was the top of each obelisk, and each pyramid, covered with a pyramidion made of electrum, a gold-silver alloy, with small amounts of copper, that takes its name from the word, electron, since it is an excellent conductor of electricity?

Why did Augustus Caesar bring the Flaminio Obelisk, from Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, to the Circus Maximus, as he dedicated it to the Solar Deity?

Why did Augustus Caesar bring the Obelisk of Montecitorio, from Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, to be used as the gnomon of the Solarium Augusti?

Why did Augustus Caesar bring the Esquiline Obelisk and Quirinale Obelisk to stand before his mausoleum on the Field of Mars?

Were these four towers that were erected in Rome, after Julius Caesar, really radio towers that were used for mind control?

What about the Luxor Obelisk, later moved to Paris, which preceded the Eiffel Tower, which is yet another radio transmitter?

Take a look at the Eiffel Tower.

Here’s the inside of the radio station that sat inside it, more than one hundred years ago, during the carnage of World War One right before the fun of Paris in the Twenties.

Here it is again.

And how about another national landmark: the obelisk we call the Washington Monument?

You know . . . the one that stands exactly 555 feet, five inches, and one-fifth of an inch high, as it is surrounded by satanic pentagrams, and within plain view of the Senate?

Here’s another satanic pentagram!

Did you know the Washington Monument was originally topped with an aluminum pyramidion?

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Or that aluminum, like the electrum atop the older obelisks, and the pyramids, is an excellent conductor?

Here’s the cap of the obelisk known as the Washington Monument—close up.

What’s more disturbing: that the rulers of our country believe in magic, or that this thing had a secret military use?

Here is a tower they use now.

There is a tower they used then.

There are so many obelisks in Rome: here’s an article on the top eighteen!


Here’s another article on the obelisks of Rome, which were not only moved from Egypt but also built by Romans, as the empire showed greater and greater signs of mind control.

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All are topped with metal: while it used to be pyramidions like the one below, now it is orbs and crosses.

Did I mention that the pyramids, which had the largest versions of these things, were laid out like the stars in the Belt of Orion?

Or that Orion is the name of a secret satanic group, in the United States Air Force, that is heavily connected to microwave harassment?

Or that Deep Underground Military Bases, or DUMBs, from which the attack on humanity is staged, like Schriever Air Force Base, which houses the supercomputer described in the video above, seem also to be laid out to mirror Orion?

Or that Orion connects to the Seven Sisters, or Pleiades, which are also significant to the luciferians?

But let’s get back to Rome.

How can we account for the enormous shift from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, as one degenerate after another ruled the place, just as the obelisks began to be erected?

Is this one of the instruments they used to transmit messages to scum like Akhenaten or Julius Caesar, who periodically zoned out, as though he were listening to someone that others could not see?

Julius Caesar showed all the signs of microwave harassment.

Julius Caesar was a bisexual deviant, a war criminal, and a revolutionary, who shifted enormous wealth from one group of people to another.

Julius Caesar spent time in Egypt, where he experienced a personality change.

Julius Caesar did not change his name, although he did call himself Caesar, as he used the third person, writing “histories” of his crimes.

He left the name change to his adoptive son, Octavian, with whom he had homosexual relations, as the boy restyled himself, first as Romulus, but then as Augustus.

See the lines in their foreheads?

I’ll come back to that in a minute.

The Emperor Augustus changed his name—just like Akhenaten.

Or like the new heads of Rome: the Popes!

That’s when he wasn’t importing obelisks!

But let’s get back to Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar had epileptic fits, or mini-strokes, as they slammed his head with microwave harassment.


Microwave harassment is often misdiagnosed….

But it’s easy to spot if you know what to look for.

And I mean easy.

Look at the lines in his forehead.

Those are scars from brain surgery.

Look at the lines in the forehead of his bisexual accomplice: Pompey the Great.

Those are scars from brain surgery.

You can even see the abscess over his right eye, as his body tried to reject the implant.

It’s like what happened to the daughter of Akhenaten.

It’s like what’s happening to everyone today—as the incidence of brain tumors skyrockets.

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It’s the same thing.

You may be able to find similar lines, scars from microsurgery, from neurosurgery, or from psychosurgery, on your own head—like the one above the princess’s ear below.

I have them on mine, and it took me forty-seven years to remember what they had done to me—because the enemy uses drugs that inhibit the formation of memories.

Some call them memory-blockers.

Do you actually think the CIA discontinued a program that depends on amnesia?

They did it to me, more than once, not only in bars but in my house, which emphasizes the need not only to guard your drink but to bolt your bedroom.

You can read more in my books, which you can download, for free, below.

People need to wake up!

They need to stop being zombies!

As the enemy cannot resist signalling, flashing gang-signs—giving obscene winks and nudges through the movies—there are a lot of mummies that look like zombies….

That’s when they don’t look like mid-level controllers, insane with their delusions, drunk on false belief, and soon to be eaten by their own.

Conspiracy Theory is a term coined by the Central Intelligence Agency, as they seek to discredit free thinkers.

You can see it in the CIA’s report, released under FOIA: “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report.”

While they discredit real theories of ancient history, CIA, with the direction of the Tavistock Institute, guides the gullible toward false beliefs: religion, aliens, and time travel.

They even name movies after their bullshit programs, built to test image-to-skull on soldier-slaves who thought they were remote-viewing in projects like Stargate.

Don’t fall for it!

Military technology is always decades, or centuries, ahead of what they show us, but, in this case, it is millennia.

The capabilities of ancient peoples, as the plot against humanity reaches back thousands of years, do not come from time travel, as the enemy psy-op, Q-ANON, would have you believe.

The capabilities of ancient peoples, as the plot against humanity reaches back thousands of years, do not come from space aliens, as the enemy psy-op, PROJECT BLUE BEAM, would have you believe.

They come from advanced technology.

And the plot against humanity has been going for a long time.


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