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Mods banned me from /Adderall for “dangerous misinformation”. “Will taking Adderall suppress ones immune system and give them C-vid” | ADDERALL (the study drug). Worth the Risk?

So this guy removed his post just minutes ago. The comments are still there. It’s frustrating, but I understand why they feel need to do this sometimes, just to protect and preserve the Sub /Conspiracy.

I liked this Reddit post because it touches on both the fraudulency and insanity of Covaids(or rather the insanity of the people who will exclaim that they think they have it upon every sniffle and need to continually test themselves for it for the rest of their lives, symptoms or no symptoms) as well as the equally insane practice of prescribing young children with hardcore amphetamine salts, otherwise known as Adderall and Dexedrine. How any physician, educator or parent could think it would be a good idea to pump a hardcore stimulant like that into the still-developing brain of an adolescent is beyond me. Psychiatry is a field that needs to do some serious self-reflection and reformation. No more kickbacks from the drug makers to the doctors who prescribe their synthetic poison to kids.

I feel more qualified than most to speak on this since I too was one of these “stimulant babies” so to speak. Look how great I turned out? Lol. My mother is a hypochondriac so I really didn’t stand a chance. She pumped me full of pharmaceuticals at every chance she could. I haven’t taken Adderall in many many years but there are definitely some permanent neurological imbalances that have been inflicted upon my brain chemistry and might explain some of my compulsive and erratic behaviors as well as my somewhat antisocial tendencies that leave me with such a disdain towards most other people. I don’t have any issues with depression though, which is one of the more common side effects experienced when one stops taking amphetamines after having been on them for an extended period. In fact, I’m way happier than I should be considering the current circumstances of life at the moment. Lol. But there are plenty of others who aren’t so lucky in their version of a post-amphetamine reality. When actively taking these amphetamines, one will experience a very noticeable time-released Dopamine high which drastically improves one’s mood and gives the individual a huge burst of energy to be sustained throughout the day. When you stop taking it, the absence of this pleasurable chemical recalibration of your brain can bring about feelings of depression and leave you sluggish and unmotivated. I was lucky in that I have not experienced any depression and only endured a brief period of low energy levels, but the same cannot be said for what I see as a very sad and emotionally disturbed generation of young people in this country who were also prescribed these medications early in their adolescence.

So I have to assume that this frivolous and hasty practice of prescribing so many young people with these dangerous and strong amphetamines during such a sensitive developmental period has had something to do with the ailing mental health of all these young folk, many of which are extremely disturbed and unbalanced with an overt inability to contribute anything of value to society other than their victimhood procurement(SEE: Victim Mentality – WebMD), moral superiority posturing and raging entitlement syndrome. We really do have a mental health epidemic on our hands and it requires less pharmaceuticals, NOT more to remedy. Drugs are synthetic poison. Plain and simple. If you want to take a few Adderall before you’re your latest midterm exams to help you study, more power to you. But I do not recommend anyone takes them in a long term setting.

This guy in the comments section said that his doctor even prescribes him ACTUAL METH in low doses. Lol. But he’s right in that Adderall and Methamphetamine are but one molecule off from one and other.

REDDIT: Mods banned me from /Adderall for “dangerous misinformation”


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