Celebrity, Celebrity Death, Your Watching a Movie


You see how they play with and pull on our heart strings? You’ll hear the melodramatic story about how Prince sold his gender fluid soul to the devil as a young man and then at some point in his life decided to try to expose the “truth” about the spiritual wickedness in the industry, only to be dragged down to hell inside of the elevator in his house(his biggest fear).

Well……WOMP WOMP. Just another tranny con-artist. More Shakespearean bullshit and fabricated storylines. That thing is still our there deceiving the masses and participating in any and all scripted reality programming protocols that have been assigned to him/her.

BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JwIQVZkKUxWz/

This is actually a compilation of three different videos that I made in November of 2016 that I edited down into one video. After their alleged “deaths,” in 2016, both Prince and David Bowie gave public eulogies about themselves while in disguise as a different person using prosthetic masking techniques. Must be part of their religion or something. In the case of Prince, his alleged “sister” never existed.

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