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Is Goldman Sachs the Doria e Sacchetti bank?? The Notorious Black Nobility Family From Bavaria? | JESUS: A KING OF EDESSA

I used to trade options on the NYMEX, COMEX & NYBOT trading floors, mere feet from the entrance to the brand new(at the time) Goldman Sachs building in lower Manhattan and personally knew and did business with many people who worked there. Goldman Sachs is a place that’s filled with hundreds of 30-something year old asshole “Vice Presidents”(everyone is a VP) who run around like maniacs all day performing a menagerie of sketchy financial transactions in markets across the globe for their superiors. Obedience and loyalty are placed at a premium, even above competence. All employees are highly expendable and can and will be hung out to dry at any point in time in favor protecting the bank itself(e.g. “Fabulous Fab” the Mortgage derivatives trader). Does one really believe that Fabs superiors had no idea what he was doing? They weren’t complaining when he was making them millions of dollars a day shorting the shit out the housing market.

Goldman was/is an absolute behemoth and was the the star and envy of the street back then. Notorious for ripping off their customers left and right by charging them for financial services that their advisors knew they didn’t need. But it was also known as place to go to take-on the most complicated and difficult-to-understand types of investment opportunities. Investment schemes that are so convoluted and obtuse that only a handful of coders, analysts and traders on the street are truly able understand the nature of.

World Governments do not run the world. Investment banks like Goldman Sachs run the world and contain THE most ruthless and morality void people on the planet working within their ranks. Foot soldiers who are willing to do anything to excel and make it to the top by making Goldman money at any and all costs.

Just thought I’d give that little mini piece of personal insight into Goldman before you delved into this Reddit post. Finding out that Goldman was founded by one of the most powerful Black Nobility families is hardly a surprise. I should note that Wall Street has changed quite a bit since I worked there and there really aren’t many human traders anymore, as they’ve been replaced by algorithms like Black Rock’s A.I. based “Alladin” system which controls 70% of the wealth on earth by this point… allegedly. I’m not sure how well all that automation bodes for Goldmans’ operation, but I’m sure they’ve gotten-in on the algorithmic machine learning-based investing/day-trading as well.

For a good historical overview of the Black Nobility and many of the fascinating anecdotal bits of gossip about the celebrity(Julius Cesar, Mary Magdalene, Jesus) bloodlines of many some of its founders, check out: The Black Nobility – An Introduction by Female Illuminati

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REDDIT: Is Goldman Sachs the Doria e Sacchetti bank?? | r/Jesuitworldorder

Is Goldman Sachs the Doria e Sacchetti bank??

r/Jesuitworldorder - Is Goldman Sachs the Doria e Sacchetti bank??

Hello. I read this post where it is said that Goldman Sachs is in reality an Italian bank, the Doria e Sacchetti bank:

“Goldman Sachs is being overseen by the Doria and Sacchetti families of Italy which have a portion of shares in Goldman Sachs through the Roman Catholic House of Wittelsbach which ruled the Kingdom of Bavaria where the Goldman and Sachs families originated from. The Doria and Sacchetti are both old banking families that have direct connections to the Vatican. The Doria name derives from de Auria and Aureo or D’oro which are Italian words for gold. The Aurelia family were an ancient gentile clan of Rome involved with military, politics, and they produced Aurelia Cotta the mother of Julius Caesar. The Doria family started out as a banking family from Genoa and were part owners of the Bank of Saint George which operated in the Black Sea region which the Republic of Genoa conquered. The Doria family produced about 6 Doges of Genoa. The Sacchetti and Sachs name both mean bags or sacks. The Sacchettis were a papal nobility involved in banking and treasury. Italian nobility usually have the highest authority in society through Rome’s network of power. There are numerous Jesuit educated top executives working for Goldman Sachs as well as Vatican knights.”


The bad thing of this article is that there is NO reference at all. Although it is mostly correct, I wasn’t able to verify the Italian connection with Doria e Sacchetti families, but I discovered that there is a certain Dario Sacchetti who worked for Goldman Sachs for 13 years and 4 months in recent years in quite a relevant positions:



Anavio Capital Partners set 2014 – Presente · 7 anni 11 mesi London, United Kingdom

Goldman Sachs 13 anni 4 mesi


ott 2012 – ago 2014 · 1 anno 11 mesi

London, United Kingdom

EMEA Head of Private Placements and Equity Syndicate Desk focused on blocks/risk capital commitments

Head of EM Structured, Equity-Linked

ott 2011 – ott 2012 · 1 anno 1 mese

London, United Kingdom

Head of EM Structured, Equity-Linked Financings and Risk

Head of EMEA Equity-Linked/Convertible Business

ott 2008 – ott 2011 · 3 anni 1 mese

London, United Kingdom

Head of EMEA Equity-Linked/Convertible Business

Executive Director

gen 2007 – ott 2008 · 1 anno 10 mesi

London, United Kingdom

Executive Director in Leverage Finance and Private Finance (JV with Goldman Sachs principal pockets of capital, including GS Direct, GSPS, ESSG, Bank Loan Principal)


lug 2004 – gen 2007 · 2 anni 7 mesi

Greater New York City Area

Pricing, structuring and marketing of equity-linked securities and equity derivatives; valuation/structuring of convertible securities for GS internal pockets of capital; interaction with largest hedge funds

Led 40 equity-linked transactions raising $30bn+


mag 2001 – lug 2004 · 3 anni 3 mesi

London, United Kingdom

Equity Capital Markets/Equity-Linked/Equity-Derivatives:

Structuring, pricing, marketing of convertibles/derivatives; restructuring and valuation of extant convertibles; valuation of preferred/convertible private structures for GS investments; hedging and monetization of participations through derivatives”

He studied at Luiss Business School. Luiss came out of a pre-existing university, (Pro Deo University, founded in 1966), which was redesigned and renamed Luiss (an acronym for Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali, which means “Free International University of Social Studies”) in 1977. Eventually, other public and private industrial groups, as well as some banks, joined the founders.[4]


Founded by Félix Morlion for the Vatican

In 1974, a group of businessmen led by Umberto Agnelli, whose brother Gianni was then president of Confindustria, and Vittorio Merloni took over the declining “Pro Deo” University of Rome, established in 1966, a controversial university founded by Belgian presbyter Félix Morlion to train anti-communist cadres on behalf of the Vatican who were also infiltrated into the Italian secret services[1][2][3].



Italian economic newspaper ilsole24ore also mentions Sacchetti:

” confirms Dario Sacchetti, founder and partner of Anavio Capital and with a background at Goldman Sachs.”


from Financial News: Goldman banker teams with ex-BTG trio for new hedge fund

“Sacchetti, meanwhile, had worked for Goldman Sachs in London and New York until his departure over summer, according to his LinkedIn profile and Financial Services register records. Since 2008, he had been an executive director in the bank’s London office, most recently working on the Europe, Middle East and Africa private placement and equity syndicate desk.”


““After four years, we thought we could launch a business by ourselves and we also knew Dario, who was at Goldman Sachs, and thought he would be the right person for the team as an idea generator on the Capital Market’s part of the portfolio”. Sacchetti, had built a close relationship with Dan and Emiliano during his 14 years at Goldman Sachs, where he ran several groups within Investment Banking/Financing group divisions.”


It seems he maintains a low profile image.

UPDATE: I also found this, there are more details; it is very credible; details are mostly true, but the original connection of Goldman and Sachs with Doria-Sacchetti is not properly documented, in my opinion: https://worldcrimesyndicate.blogspot.com/2020/03/doria-sachs.html

What do you think about that?

Is the Goldman Sachs-Doria Sacchetti connection for real?

Source: https://nuevodesordenmundial.com/?p=4783



Doria family crest

The Doria Family , also spelled  D’oria , are an ancient and noble family originating from  Genoa . leading family in the political, military and economic life of Genoa, from the 12th century onwards. Apparently feudal in origin, from Liguria and Provence, the Dorias first appeared in Genoese records in the early 12th century. Ansaldo Doria was elected consul of the commune of Genoa in 1134 and participated in various embassies and military expeditions. His son Simone served in six consortia between 1175 and 1188, and one of Simone’s sons, Andrea, married into Sardinia’s ruling family, the Torres, launching Doria’s fortunes on that island. By this time, the Dorias had long been leaders of the Ghibelline (Imperial) political faction.

In 1270 Andrea’s grandson. Oberto Doria (died 1295) and Oberto Spinola, a member of another great Genoese family, inaugurated a series of two-man governments headed by their families, with dictatorial powers as captains of the people. Ruling for 15 years during what has been called the golden age of the medieval Genoese commune, Oberto Doria was a hero of the decisive Battle of Meloria (1284) against Pisa, in which 250 members of the Doria family participated.

Members of the Doria family played an important role in the Genoese Crimean colony of Caffa and in the empire of Trebizond, south of the Black Sea. Domenico Doria, a traveler and cartographer, was appointed in 1285 by the Mongols as their ambassador to Europe.
Several male members of the Doria family were baptized with the names of foreign rulers, such as Abaga (Abaqa Khan), Casano (Ghazan Khan) and Aitone (Hethum I, king of Armenia Siciliana).

In the 14th century, several other members of the Doria and Spinola families served as captains of the people. After a popular revolution that led to the institution of a duke, the Dorias were excluded from government office (1339-1528) but provided many military leaders for Genoa in its perennial struggle with Venice.

Otto Doria commanded the 5,000 or so Genoese crossbowmen hired by the French for the battle of Crecy against the English in August 1346. like many of his troops, he was killed in the battle, where the Genoese ended up being attacked from both sides. The heavy rain had made his strings damp and useless (unlike those of the English bows, they could not be easily removed) so Otho ordered a retreat. The French Cavalry saw this as cowardice and attacked them, while others were killed by the English archers.

In the 16th century, the largest member of the family emerged, Andrea Doria,who re-established the Genoese Republic. He opened a new period in the history of Genoa and the Dorias, bringing them once more to the forefront of politics. Giovanni Andrea (1539–1606), Andrea’s nephew, was his lieutenant and heir, serving as a Genoese admiral against the Turks in the Cyprus War (1570–71). He victoriously participated in the Battle of Lepanto (1571), which ended the threat of Turkish supremacy in the eastern Mediterranean.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Dorias continued to supply the military, mainly to Spain, while becoming the wealthiest family in Genoa. In the period of the “aristocratic republic” (1528–1797) inaugurated by Andrea Doria, the family contributed six dukes, as well as many ambassadors and prelates.
The Doria clan helped finance the Portuguese and Spanish voyages in the late 15th and 16th centuries. Francesco Doria, a banker from Seville, financed the expeditions of Christopher Columbus, and his son Aleramo Doria was banker to King John III of Portugal until 1556.

Clemenza Doria was married twice; her second husband was Fernão Vaz da Costa (1520–1567), son of the Portuguese Chief Justice Cristóvão da Costa and great-grandson of the legendary navigator Soeiro da Costa. They originated the Costa Doria family that is still flourishing in Brazil today.
Alodisio Doria, a knight of the Order of Christ, settled on the island of Madeira in 1480, where he dedicated himself to the sugar trade. His descendants are the Teixeira Doria and França Doria families, who also have as ancestor the navigator Tristão Vaz, one of the discoverers of Madeira. The França Doria branch is headed today by the Viscount of Torre Bela.

Members of the Doria family bore the titles of Princes of Melfi (Doria-Pamphilj branch, extinct), Princes of Centola (Doria d’Angri branch, extinct), Counts of Montaldeo, Marquesses of Ciriè e del Maro, Marquesses of San Columbano, Lords of Oneglia, among others.
Male members of the main line of the family are  marchesi al cognome , that is, they bear the title of marquis added to the family name as a courtesy title.
Secondary princely branches like the Colonna-Doria are still flourishing. There are also titled branches outside of Italy, such as the Porrata Doria family in Spain, whose rank is marquis.

Pamphili family coat of arms

The Pamphili family was originally from  Gubbio . In 1461 they moved to Rome with Jacopo and Francesco, who soon became so rich and powerful as to obtain the title of counts of the Holy Roman Empire, granted by Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg. The definitive confirmation of the family took place in 1644, when Giovanni Battista Pamphili was elected pope with the name of  Innocent X  (1644-1655). This pope, described as dry and choleric, behaved like a great patron protecting great men of culture and artists of his time such as  Athanasius Kircher ,  Gian Lorenzo Bernini ,  Francesco Borromini  and  Pietro da Cortona .. Particularly prestigious under his pontificate was the pope’s sister-in-law,  Olimpia Maidalchini , known to the pope as  Donna Olimpia . Following the nepotistic tradition of the time, the pope made his nephew  Camillo Francesco Maria Pamphili a cardinal , who three years later renounced the purple to marry  Olimpia Aldobrandini , widow of Prince  Borghese  and sole heiress of the  Aldobrandini . The couple had five children.

The Pamphili were heirs to the Bolognese  Facchinetti family , and for this they obtained the dignity of senators of Bologna in 1685, occupying seat XXVI until 1747, and from 1751 to 1760 seat XI. The male line of the family died out in 1760 with the death of Girolamo Pamphili.

In 1763 Clement XIII granted Prince Giovanni Andrea IV Doria Landi (1705-1764) the surname, ensigns and property of the Pamphili family, thanks to the kinship acquired through the marriage between Giovanni Andrea III Doria (1653-1737) and Anna Pamphili. From this moment the family was renamed Doria-Pamphili. The last notable personage of the Doria-Pamphili family was Andrea Doria Pamphili, elected first mayor of Rome after the liberation of Italy during the Second World War.

Coat of arms of the house of Doria Pamphilj

The Sacchetti are an ancient and noble Florentine family, known at least since the thirteenth century and perhaps even since the eleventh century, with an Isacco or Isacchetto who gave his name to the family name. He accumulated great wealth with merchandising and banking activity, occupying several offices in the city of origin. Later he moved to Rome, where he obtained noble prestige and great wealth. Marquis Marcello Sacchetti was a merchant banker and treasurer for the Apostolic Chamber of the Vatican. The current head of the Sacchetti family is Prince Urbano Sacchetti of Rome.

Aurelia Cotta (120 BC-54 BC) was the mother of the dictator Gaius Julius Caesar.

The name Doria derives from Auria and Aureo or D’oro, which are Italian words for gold. Sacchetti and Sachs mean bags or sacks. Today the Italian Doria-Pamphilj and Sacchetti families oversee Goldman Sacks, one of the world’s largest investment banking and securities groups founded in 1869. The Aurelia family was an ancient Gentile clan of Rome involved with the military and politics, and produced Aurelia Cotta the mother of Julius Caesar.

A Goldman Sachs Group Inc. logo hangs on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York, U.S., Wednesday, May 19, 2010. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. racked up its trading gains every day during the last quarter. Clients who followed the firm’s investment advice fared much worse. Photographer: Daniel Acker / Bloomberg

Italian nobility often have the highest authority in society through the power network in Rome. There are numerous high-level Jesuit executives working for Goldman Sachs, as well as gentlemen of the Vatican.

Peter Oppenheimer is on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs and was educated at St. Clement’s Jesuit College. Lakshmi Mittal is another member of the Goldman Sachs board of directors and was educated by the Jesuits at st. Xavier’s College in Calcutta, India. Edward Gerald Corrigan was a former president of the federal reserve Bank of new York, was educated at fordham Jesuit college, and is currently a director in the office of the chairman at Goldman Sachs and is chairman of Goldman Sachs USA. Mark Carney is the Governor of the Bank of England and worked for Goldman Sachs for 13 years. Mark Carney was educated by the Jesuits at St. Francis Xavier High School. Mario Draghi, the president of the European central bank, a member of the bank’s board for international settlements, and a member of the G30, was born in Rome and was educated at the Jesuit Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome. Mario Draghi before becoming president of the European Central Bank also worked as vice president and managing director of Goldman Sachs International. Peter sutherland is a Vatican knight of the order of st. Gregory, educated by the Jesuits at Gonzaga College, a member of bilderberg, a former director of the Royal Bank of scotland, and a director of gaat and served as non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International. 

Debora Spar was on the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs and went to Georgetown. Geoffrey Boisi is a Roman Knight from Malta, Jesuit-educated at Boston College, trilateral commission member, papal foundation trustee, and worked as a top executive for Goldman Sachs for decades, as well as jp morgan and freddie mac. Eileen Rominger was another Jesuit-educated student at Fairfield University, who went on to serve as Director of Investment Management for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and was the Chief Investment Officer for Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Marco Doria

Marquis Marco Doria , the Count of Montaldeo, is an important member of the Doria family who has been Mayor of Genoa from 2012 to 2017.

Joao Doria is the current Governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil and is a recognized relative of the Genoese House of Doria. In 2018, a video was released in which the alleged candidate participated in an orgy . Princess Marina of Savoy married Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy , the current head of the Italian royal family. The Savoys live in Switzerland, where banking is private. The name Savoy refers to savings. They accumulate wealth and store it in private Swiss accounts.

Robert Agostinelli

Robert Agostinelli is an Italian-American billionaire and banker who worked as a senior partner at Goldman Sachs and later founded the Rhone Group . Agostinelli was educated at St. John Fisher Roman Catholic College and is a leading member of the Friends of Israel Initiative and also worked for Jacob Rothschild. 

The current head of the Doria family is Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphili . Orphaned, adopted, homosexual, Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphilj went from running a bar in Venezuela to inheriting the largest palace in Italy and the most important private art collection in that country .

JONATHAN DORIA PAMPHILI … Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphili poses in a wing of his palace which houses one of the most important private art collections in Rome on Friday December 13, 1996. The prince announced during a press conference that the gallery will reopen on Sunday December 15 after a restoration. The gallery includes masterpieces by artists such as Hans Memling, Titian, Caravaggio, and Velásquez. Marble busts and intrinsic mirrored rooms are among the highlights. (AP Photo/Bruno Mosconi)

Prince Jonathan Doria-Pamphilj-Landi is a top authority on Goldman Sachs and the Vatican pedophile ring. Prince Jonathan Doria Pamphilj has a 1,000-room palace in Rome.

Marchioness Giovanna Zanuso Sacchetti

The Marchioness Giovanna Sacchetti is a top authority on Goldman Sachs. The Sacchetti family ranks even higher than Prince Jonathan and Princess Gesine because they were born nobles, while Prince Jonathan and Princess Gesine were adopted into the House of Doria.

Original Source Consulted: Ahuwah Zeus

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