A.I., Forced Vaccines, Genocide


I heard that Starlink sucks and can’t even remotely compete with fiber optic broadband services. Just more Elon Musk scamming. I’m not sure Starlink would have the broadband necessary to pull any of this crap off to begin with. Though I have no idea what the true power requirement specs of this nano-hardware actually are. It could be accessible via a dial-up connection for all I know. But this seems a bit out of reach for the Starlink network if you ask me(which no one is…lol). Plus, Elon is not one of those people who thinks we are overpopulated and I don’t think he’s down with this jabadabadoo Genocide. He’s always bragging about knocking up some new celebrity or Neural Link executive and has openly quipped about the world is underpopulated and not overpopulated.

Why are so many people so obsessed with that autistic studderer anyway? The real Elon Musk is long dead and gone from what I can see. The balding dude who founded PayPal and was married to the girl from Westworld seems to have been replaced by this Matrix Progenitor avatar jackass.

RUMBLE: https://rumble.com/v1ckvvr-jabbed-people-hacked-and-tracked-and-controlled-by-starlink-and-ai.html

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