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New Extraterrestrial Figures Were Found in Guanajuato – Mexico | Steve Quayle Excavation in Mexico – Proof of Fallen Angel Civilization of Genetic Mutants

This video is a preview of Steve Quayle’s mind blowing excavation of Artifacts from Mexico. His full Webinar will occur on July 30th. Be sure not to miss it. This video includes his trailer and a video in which he discusses more in depth some of the things that will be addressed in his Webinar. Then I include some excerpts from a recent interview Steve did with Paul Begley. Link to the Webinar sign up on Doug Hagmann’s site:… Link to Steve’s interview with Pastor Paul Begley:… One of the things I found very intriguing about Steve’s information was that the artifacts he found were fluorescent, and he points out that reptiles can see ultra-violet light. This immediately made me wonder about the use of Luciferase in medical products in recent years and the implementation of ultra-violet street lights in many places. Another very important thing Steve brings out is that there has been a recent discovery by Scientists after extensive DNA analysis of mummies, that Pharaoh Ehanton Amenhotep IV was a human alien hybrid. (See Space article May 9, 2021).…

The Klaus Dona collection has very similar artifacts depicting the classic elongated skull, oval-shaped eye, Grey Alien humanoid creatures that we all know. I think that these creatures traveled here from another crater dome on our giant oblate spheroidal realm.

I’ve done several posts on this topic in the past. You can see these guys depicted on their little platforms and aircraft outfitted with what appear to be technological breathing apparatuses and other highly advanced pieces of machinery.

The Rhodope Skull: Evidence For The Existence Of Aliens On Earth? Or Just Another Bizzare Ancient Race of “Humans” Like the Maya?

Finds like these lend more and more credence to the theory. These things did NOT come from outer space. There is no such thing as outer space.

Alien Artifacts: Mexican Locals in Awe After Finding Alien Jade Stones in Remote Cave (PHOTOS BELOW)

The Alien Artifacts of Ojuelos de Jalisco


New Extraterrestrial Figures Were Found in Guanajuato – Mexico

Alien-Star | June 30, 2022

According to a local, a collection of stones with extraterrestrial figures engraved on them is the ultimate proof of human-alien cohabitation. These remarkable results were presented in a video by Manuel Huza on the YouTube channel OVNIS CURRENT.

These sculptures were discovered in a lake in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, along with some skeletons with unusually long skulls.

One of the items weighs between 40 and 45 kg and is made of rare stones such as jade.

Alberto and Manuel Huza made the discovery and publicly disseminated the photographs and videos.

If you want to learn more about this incredible finding, watch the video below, which includes an interview with Manuel Huza, but it is only in Spanish.


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