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TikTok Dummy Experiences Hardcore Eczema Breakouts Following Jab But is STILL in Denial | Father of dead Covid vaccinated child goes berserk on the clinic that killed him | Father learns the hard way. Son collapses at the Vax Center and dies on the way to the hospital.

This is what the quackcinnation does. It takes any pre-existing condition you may have had and exacerbates the shit out of it by mauling your immune system and as a side-effect of having replaced your body’s natural operating system with a new parasitic and synthetic one that was not designed to fight-off disease or infection. The jab essentially installs Biological software inside your body that can be remotely tuned and re-programmed via a particular frequency that utilizes the transmission arrays now embedded within your tissue to do so.

If you were that fucking dumb to have gone out and obediently gotten any of these Covaids jabs then you are no longer a human being unfortunately. You are now a cyborg with A.I.D.S.. COVAIDS to be exact.


Not much to look forward to, huh? Was the brief feeling of moral superiority you experienced right after you got your experimental jab and posted your pretentious woke-posturing social media posts worth it in the end? It certainly wasn’t for the dummy in the TikTok video below. She STILL refuses to blame the jabadabadoo apparently, despite seeming to subconsciously realize exactly what she’s done by making the video in the first place. 🤣😂 Her case is actually a fairly mild one compared to many of the other vax injuries we’ve seen up to this point. They have already started dropping like flies and we’ve seen the lamestream scramble to make-up shit like “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” to explain-away what’s happening. Lol. They’ve never thought very much of us to begin with so it’s no surprise to see such low quality rhetoric being shoveled on the sidewalk for eager sheeple-consumption. We’ve let them get away with pretty much anything up until now. Who can blame them?

SEE: ‘Sudden and Unexpected’: At least 11 Vacationers Drop Dead on Italian Beaches in 24 hours

Just step back and let nature take it course and don’t interfere. This was Natural Selection at its finest. We are being done a favor here. Let the herd cull itself. These people pose a danger to the rest of us and we will be much better off without them in the end. You should have already been psychologically preparing yourself for this grim inevitability. I will lose family members, girlfriends and close friends just like anyone else. No one will be unaffected in the end. We tried though.

WARNING: Please do not download the TikTok app. That crap is Chinese Spyware. Just use your browser. I seriously cannot believe how huge that app has become. The kids eat that shit up like nothing I’ve ever seen. There MUST be some kind of Black Magick being used by the TikTok developers.

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@cynnchaa/video/7123243444587334918

Below are two examples of fathers who both lost their sons to the jab and they graphically illustrate the grief and regret they experienced afterwards. I feel badly for the old man since he had likely tried to stop his son from self-euthanizing himself leading up to that point. But in the case of the small child, his father was the one who caused his death and there is no excuse for that kind of ignorance and laziness to just believe the Government and various other “implied authority figures” without having looked into these vaccines a bit more thoroughly and independently.

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