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Highland Park – Alec Baldwin SHOOTING HOAXES Jews of a Perverse Feather | “Jews” Are Nothing But a Vatican Subsidiary & NOT The Descendants of Abraham

Matty does a good job in making sure the Vatican doesn’t slip under the radar and get away with blaming the Jew for EVERYTHING. There are still plenty of disgusting inbred Khazar scum involved in the EL-ite Clownworld show, don’t think that I’m defending those imposter fucks. But Clownworld is still a Jesuit dominated enterprise in the end. The modern “Jew” is just one of the many titles the Saturn-worshipping Vatican gives their foot soldiers. Islam is another one of these Saturn Cube-loyal spin-offs as well. 3 different flavors of Dogmatic deception.

Now while it is true that the very first Popes were in fact ethnically “Basque” and not Khazar, the Vatican ended up getting infiltrated over the years just like any other massive organization does and has endured centuries of infighting and power squabbling. This has resulted in any actual Bible-believing Bishop or Cardinal being ejected from the church(supposedly this happened in the 60’s, but I suspect it actually started much earlier in 1666), causing the line between Catholic and Rabbinic leadership to become blurred. Don’t allow either faction to point the finger at the other as the “problem” or “the ones in charge”. They both work together and for the same Saturnalian entity. Doing their part to keep the veil in tact and the parasitic Clownshow in production. They just wear different colored Yamakas as they do it. They both represent the Umbrella Corp, the Arcturis Flower, Metatron’s Cube aka the Saturn Cube. It’s so freaking obvious that’s it’s insane to me that anyone still falls for this Dogmatic Cronos-worshipping crap.

Matty makes good point about Coronavirus buying the Vatican time to pay-off their long list of sex abuse victims via their Jew Banker-run “relief fund” which is just a fancy way of saying “hush money”.



Source: https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=N12YUB4R54W8

not gonna preface here except just mention a few video topic highlights…thanks everyone
highland park mass shooting hoax the mother and color purple again…
Alec Baldwin interviews perverse child rapist Woody Allen and threatens a twitter user….
Alberta Canada’s province top death rates of 2021 after vaccines are ALL HEART RELATED BUT #1 IS……….
Georgia Guidestones bombing…….demolished…..it’s an Alex SANDY HOOK SHILL Jones reason why!?!

facepalming sick times of 1984 everyone…….

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