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EL Saturn #560 Q-ANON IS CAIN | TØS | The Presumed Lady Of Elche, Origins in Spain, Lebanon or Here in the West? | Is the Lady of Elche Ancient A.I.?

The Lady of Elche. A ancient A.I. being? Another avatar of the “mother dearest”/Lilith character that TØS is always referring to? Just another one of the Sophia/Lilith/Mother Dearest alter-egos from ancient times? The “Lady” could be a robot, but those things on her ears could also be some kind of mind control implement or a brain power magnifier of some sort that taps into the pineal gland to give the individual special abilities. All wild wild speculations of course.

The Presumed Lady Of Elche, Origins in Spain, Lebanon or Here in the West?

Recently another nearly identical bust was unearthed in Lebanon and the images were quickly removed from the internet. Why? What’s the big deal? What are they hiding from us? Clearly the ancients were far more technologically advanced than Academia would like to admit and artifacts like these ladies of Elche & Lebanon, or the enigmatic stone sculptures that they keep digging up in Mexico that depict UFOs and alien humanoid beings, blow the lid off the conspiracy to hide this from the general population. Not like most would care anyway.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OFVDaO40Ug&t=0


Trample on Snakes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Zd4BfdI0fPXiCIS38sQWg

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Source: http://www.tuscoro.com/2016/01/the-presumed-lady-of-elche-origins-in.html?m=1

The Presumed Lady Of Elche, Origins in Spain, Lebanon or Here in the West?

Originally posted November 2014

This presumed artifact was found in 1969 at the level of 6 feet below the surface of virgin soil. However the finder admits he cannot say it did not fall from the walls of the pit dug,  It would appear to be a buckle due to the apparatus on the rear of the medallion and it has a slight curvature. it is approximately 3 inches in width.

This strange find in Richfield has open the door to one of the most fascinating mysteries of historical possibilities of this land I have ever had the privilege of and pleasure in unraveling, and it is just beginning!

Photo Courtesy of the finder who wishes to remain anonymous and the AHR Foundation,  Photo editing by Daniel Lowe.

This little artifact has created quite a stir, most of those who claim to be professionals who have examined only the photo, deem this a modern creation simply because it is much easier for them to do so, rather than actually put forth the effort to discover why it was found in Richfield Utah 6 feet below the surface. The photo was at one time presented to various forums throughout France and Spain, and to date no one has any idea what it is, or where it came from. The only opinions expressed where of the equivalency of hoax in that it was said, “It must have been made as a commemorative in celebration of the return of the Lady of Elche from France in 1940″. So why were these in France? Was France celebrating returning the bust to Spain? why does no one to date in Spain know what it is, and how did one get here? How did 12 of them end up in Paris France in the basement refuse of a little antique shop, of which they also have no idea where they came from or what they are? Why is it there is no hallmark required by law? When it doesn’t fit the curriculum, it requires much less effort, to just give it a label whether it be Iberians, Hoax, or Commemorative. Who were these Iberians? 

One of the 12 medallions found in Antique shop in France

Two smaller Medallions found in Paris France at a flee market

(Copyright Photo Courtesy of Shawn Davies)

I believe I have discovered the origin of these medallions, where they were made, by whom and why. I also believe I have discovered the origins of the Lady of Elche bust. It was discovered in Elche Spain in 1897 and was purchase by a French Archaeologist and taken to France. Of course they had no idea who made it or where it came from other than is was excavated from residential ruins in Elche. However because it was found in Spain and being ancient, it must have been made by them mysterious Iberians! how convenient. In 1940 the polychrome bust was returned to Spain, since then, it has been elevated it to Goddess status and tagged it as the “Lady” of Elche, the puzzling thing about it is, they have no idea who it is or where it came from and it isn’t even a representation of a Lady in the slightest, it is however a man, and one well known in the world even today and whose identity will amaze you. 

Lady? of Elche discovered in Spain in 1897

Before all is said and done, it will be discovered that the medallions, The Lady of Elche, Lady of Baza, the Lady of Guardamar and like artifacts in Fact… have their origins in HERE the west, and were brought to Spain between 700 and 1100 AD or by the same people in an earlier migration between 100 BC and 400 AD by a group of immigrant explorers none seem to know ever came to this place in the west. Near every detail concerning the many identifying marks of the medallions and the polychrome bust is examined to show you their origins in the book The Forbidden Histories of the Americas. It will be discovered that the Lady, is NOT a Lady at all, but a well known historic figure known for his immense Wisdom…

I believe that before long, you will have a better understanding of this place here in the west, a better understanding of the origins of Buddhism, who was Buddha? Where was it that King Solomon’s men actually went, who was the Queen of Sheba and where did she actually came from along with her ties to India and I think you will finally understand why the mythical Kingdom of (Shambhala) or Shem-bala (Children of Shem) remains hidden from the world as it is NOT in China. You will look at the caves of Ajanta of India in a new light and see its ties to the America’s western regions. What was the purpose of the medallions? You will with out a doubt begin to understand why so many cultures of the past have been coming to the Americas, all essentially looking for the same place,  the same things and why. Read the answer to the question, what are those wheels on the sides of the head, what do they represent and what part do they play on identifying the mysterious individual portrayed and how it ties to the Aztec? You will discover it was NOT EGYPTIANS but Hindu origin people who was here…

Buddhist/Hindu Wheel of Dharmachakra 
Lady of Elche                          Ajanta Cave Image


What are we to make of the new discovery of another near identical Bust purported to have been found in Lebanon? Should we now call it the Lady of Lebanon, start a religion and worship it as a Phoenician Goddess? Why doesn’t it have a hole in the back of it like the one from Spain? Why were the images seemingly quickly removed from the internet? But not before I downloaded them… I think I know… but of the 8 original photos posted I cannot find one of them still on the internet.

You may learn more concerning this in the book, by purchasing The Forbidden Histories of the Americas by Daniel Lowe  

IF YOU, have any compelling evidence as to the origins of the above presumed artifact, please contact me at Tuscoro@gmail.com

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