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Smithsonian Cover ups of Lost civilizations and the creation of non existent Cultures

Great website that I just stumbled upon that focuses on our lost and heavily meddled with ancient historical paradigms. Mexico contains vast swaths of enigmatic ruins that have been consistently difficult for Archeologist to explain and therefore many fake cultures have been fabricated to fill in the blanks and to make their timelines seem semi-believable. WiseUp has also spent a lot of time exposing this practice and has done videos on the ruins in Uxmal which are especially perplexing and difficult to explain. I’m still convinced that the North American, Mesoamerican & South American civilizations were the very first of ALL civilizations and predate Sumeria, Egypt, India and China. So it’s no surprise a place like Mexico has so many hard to explain ruins scattered across its countryside. Peru is another Wonderland of enigmatic ruined buildings.


Smithsonian Cover ups of Lost civilizations

and the creation of non existent Cultures

la Quemada in Zacatecas Mexico

In these past few years we have seen how easy it was for the powers that be to fool the people, to hide that which is profound and to make profound that which does not exist.

The following lead-in is an intended rant designed to shake us and help us to open our eyes to reality. With that said…

The Arm of Flesh

We have watched as our friends and family drop dead as a result of the peddlers who said it would save us from a terrible illness only to find it was and is the very thing that will bring death, and it has been going on longer than you think.  “Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.” 

White is still white and black is still black, but our minds have been conditioned and programmed to see opposition in what is real and true, Even now a majority believe their eyes have been opened but I could show them that their eyes are still closed. And when they try to open them they only complain and ask, why do my eyes hurt when I try to open them, the answer has been told us before, but were we listening? The answer is, you’ve never used them. 

We have become so reliant upon science in every form, taking in all that we have heard and think we have learned for so many years, We cannot tell truth from fallacy, many examples of this could be said… think about this, we have come to accept what is termed as health care system, when in fact in its current state, it is the biggest threat to our health, and yet we continue to run to these people who do not have your health in mind at all.

Over 120 years ago these same people came riding into town with their horse drawn wagon and set up shop in the middle of the dirt streets opening the side of their very impressive looking wagon exposing hundreds of little fancy bottles of brown snake oil, or should we now say venom? Which was said would cure almost anything. And today we have the very same thing. The wagons are now obsolete as they have sucked the people in so much so that the wagon have become a grand building with a big impressive acronym like IHC which the people claim as their own, the peddler has no need to travel any more as the people willingly go to the peddler. The liquid potion is the same yet it is now also in the form of a pill or a vaccine. Nutrition, common sense and faith have been thrown out the window.

Today their women put so much faith in the peddler that they cast their belief in their God aside, who has been present at every child birth that has ever occurred since creation, and instead they go to the grand building of the peddler to have their babies.

And why do they do it? Because it is what they were taught to do, they know no other way, they lack the mental ability to return to the ways that have existed for centuries and will come up with every excuse in the book to explain why they cannot cast off their peddler and his potions.

Regardless of the lies we have been told these last few years, it is nothing compared to the lies we have been fed our entire lives. It is said that the number 2 disease (Cancer) and cause of death in America which claims that 1 in 3 of every living person will get it,  is a bald face lie.

And if I were to explain the truth behind it, how it is created and what the people are doing that makes it possible to exist, they would fight kick and scream to maintain their current way of life and would refuse to change, because the peddlers have made it so appealing and desirable. 

If any of you care to put it to the test, so be it, but I assure you, you will argue with me and seek every possible excuse just so you do not have to see the truth.

END OF RANT… maybe.

So you see, it isn’t easy trying to wake the sleeping and when they do open their eyes, it hurts, and they are confused because they do not understand what they are looking at because they have never seen before.

Creating fake history 

How far will the powers that be go to hide the truth from you? Do we really need to ask? Why was it so important to create the illusion of a Country that never existed? Septimania. Yes at one time there was an “area” that was referred to as Septimania in Southern France, but I say this simply because the word appears on one single map from the 16th century. The word does not appear on the map as a country, state, providence or city, it appears as an area, and only in one case I can find in ancient maps of the area of France and Spain. But if it were a country or part of a providence as WIKI is so willing to help us understand, why don’t we find more credible maps that shows it? They claim it existed from  about 400 AD to 800 AD and yet in all my searches in the most valued history books of Spain, France and others, I find no reference to this place that is claimed to have existed and played such an important roll in their History. In over 3000 pdf books of History where in you would most certainly find references to this place, only one came up and it appears in two books by an author whom after his death of course, was academically slandered and ridiculed, Josiah Priest in his book American Antiquities makes this curious statement.

Covering the Truth

Now I have the works of Diodorus, but have yet to find any mention of this Septimania. [found but does not mention Lecta] I do find however what appears to be the first translation of the works Diodorus of Sicily in the early 1900’s I cannot rule out it being edited out of the text as I do not read Greek, but apparently Josiah Priest could and was not the uneducated man WIKI would have you believe. How far will “they” go? If you go to WIKI and read their ditty on Josiah Priest, you will find this….

 [Notice no citation which means the wiki writer pulled it out of his ass. Also notice all the links in the article to promote more racist ideals and twisted history]

I have read both his books and none of what is said by the fact checkers is true.

Again no citation and again it is bull shit.

THIS is how far they will go. 

Fortunately the WIKI article currently on Septimania which I think you will find odd. The article goes on and on about how important this place of Septimania was and how it played such and important role in Histories that don’t even mention it. On particular writer that is cited but not accurately cited is Edward James and the book cited was written in 1980 just 5 years after Cyclone Covey’s book Calalus: A Roman Jewish Colony in America, from the Time of  Charlemagne through Alfred the Great . 

James it seems was not on board with “they the peddlers” because he seems to speak from his own mouth… however when reading his chapter “Septimania and its Frontier” one gets the idea he is writing about a different geological location other than Southern France, and even hints unknowingly about it. In reading Professor Zuckerman’s book A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France, I am surprised he did not see it.

Now I have gone to deep into this cover-up and at this point I would just  like to recommend Professor Cyclone Covey’s book.

Fictitious Cultures 

Why it was so important to cover up the many expeditions and colonization’s of the Americas? Why was it so important to the Peddlers to go so far as deleting history, creating fake history in order to provide a cover for inevitable leaks and to create bull shit otherwise known as false notions in the minds of the casual researchers, WIKI for example? 

How many of you have heard of the Pueblo culture, the Ancestral Pueblo, Hohokum and Mogollon culture. It is said that these names are used by archaeologists to define cultural differences among prehistoric peoples. Well that may be so but they are also used whether they themselves know it or not, because they have no idea who they were or did they? It would have been easier to Say Romans or Indo Greeks. 

When one looks at the many ruins here in the west, south and even the Mississippi valley, and many seeming to exist at the same time frame, Based on what the peddlers have given us for over 170 years, how is it this primitive people as they portray them even today it seems, how did these people suddenly advance from simple hunter gathers and basket makers as the academics put it… build these many structures which in many cases is clear they were built by influences outside of America, and then regress back to a prehistoric state?

Sense, not so common 

Lets for a moment say that the academic narrative is correct, and man arrived on this continent some 30,000 years ago after hanging out in Africa for some 100,000 years and just got tired of all the sunshine and listening to their woman nag about all the sand. In their search for a cooler climate after hundreds of years of travel across the Asian continent and venturing progressively more into the N/E and into the frozen waste lands. You see, their brains were not fully developed and so they didn’t realize that the further they went that direction, the colder it got, so cold that even someone without a brain would turn back but!… their luck pans out and not all of them freeze to death because they found a land bridge in which they somehow knew that should they cross and press on, the weather and climate was somehow going to get warmer, lets call this culture the Algorites who would later discover the internet.

Thought to identify as  a male Algorite from 30,000 years ago found along the Bering Striate perfectly preserved probably frozen in the first Ice Age

After arriving here the people played around with hunting and gathering stuff and learned to weave baskets, suddenly they had a spark of knowledge and figured out how to build extraordinary complex structures and this went on for a hundreds years and then those with developed minds for some reason died out probably from a comet strike or maybe even a plandemic, and every one went back to hunting gathering and basket making and forgot all about the glory days to the point where in no one seams to know who these builders were.

Back to being semi serious…

How many of you have been to the ruins of Chaco Canyon? How many of you have stood there looking at this magnificent accomplishment and wondered why… how… who? Now I am not saying the inhabitants of this area did not build these structures… well wait… yes I am … sort of…  but I am asking, why is there absolutely no recall concerning these things? No family legend passed down etc?… The Native people no doubt participated in the building of these places, but I would bet it was as slave labor. I wouldn’t want to remember that either.

When I look at any part of Chaco, I see nothing Native American

Are you familiar with la Quemada in Zacatecas Mexico? This fascinating site generally doesn’t even show up on maps of the Ruins of Mexico, why not?

You guess it! Built by Chalchihuites

Borrowed from the Nuahtl word chalchihuitl (Turquoise)

What did you expect? Welsh, Romans? Maybe Ancestral Puebloans perhaps?

Wupatki Ruins

How about Wupatki Ruins located N/E of Sunset Crater, said to have been first inhabited 500 AD and abandoned about 325 years after Sunset Crater was said to be active or should we just say the Colorado Plateau uplift. Most of us thought the ball courts were only found in the Yucatan, but we have an untold amount in Arizona, one is found at the Wupatki. I wonder who these people were? Maybe the Wupatkians?

If you have not been to Chaco Canyon or la Quemada, go look up pictures, Teotihuacán, Cahokia in Missouri etc… what happened to these people? Who were they and why are there lingering legends of the Native people who made war with them and ran them off? Over and over… Ran who off?

There are dozens and dozens of examples such as these throughout Arizona.

Fortifications perched high..

One such place which I will withhold the name at this time, 2 friends sent me photos some time back. Both having lived in the area, one of the two men’s mother had academic connections and put forth the question to the archeologists in the area and asked… Who is responsible for these ruins? The two Archaeologists  asked separately from each other, responded in the same way… When asked if the Spanish were responsible they abruptly said no, and they were not made by the Indians eitherWell then who? She asked and realizing they had just stuck their foot in their mouth hesitantly said, We don’t know... If they know it is not Spanish and they know it is not Indian, how do they know this? What did they find that tells them who it is not? I think they do know… I know who built these walls… do you?

Large fortification with round turrets on the corners sitting

on the edge of a cliff face

Photos Courteously of “Mike”

Walls up to 4’ thick and 7 feet high

Not Spanish, not Indians then who?

There are countless fortifications spread around the south west perched on top of peaks or at the edge of a bluff etc… clearly defensive in Nature. Who was defending against whom? Who were these pale skin people the Native people always talked about running them out, long before the Spanish?

What City?

In this very area and in around 1850, James H. Tevis was told by an Apache Chief that he befriended, that long before the Spanish came,

The Apaches say that, at one time, they were a great war tribe, but that a great army invaded their country with such terrible war implements that their people were killed before their arrows could reach the enemy.

Those who did reach close enough for hand to hand fighting could not match the invaders’ broad blade hatchets and broke their lances on the invaders’ shields.

Even though the Apaches numbered twenty to one, the enemy was successful in every engagement, and kept driving them north. Behind this vast army came a great number of people in charge of priests. They settled along all the watercourses, building forts and churches. In the mountains they also built furnaces and melted the rocks like water. Finally, the Apaches had to succumb to the tyranny of the invaders, and they were no better than slaves, for warriors, squaws, and children worked for them.  

Tevis was taken to a lost city which remains lost… even with his meticulous instructions we still do not know, I often wonder if Smithsonian got there before it was known again… was there just to much to hide? Did the Academics find out about this place and destroy it or cover it? Its not like the Army Core of Engineers hasn’t done it several times before…

Rather than re-tell what has already been told, you may return to the article 

What was discovered that was so fascinating at Pueblo Grande of Nevada(OBVIOUS Ancient City of Tontonteac shown on MANY maps) that was so amazing and implicating that they felt the need to build a dam knowing that the reservoir would cover up over five miles of the city just so they do not let the cat out of the bag and to keep you from knowing who was here. Why did it take so long to organize an archaeological dig at Chaco Canyon? No river to build a dam to hide it maybe? How can you walk through the ruins of Chaco and not see the hints of Roman and/or Indo Greek architecture?

Slander the Evidence 

It was inevitable, even after getting the blatant evidences under control by any means necessary, there would no doubt be discoveries that clearly show that Romans, Welsh, Portuguese and Indo Greeks visited this land long ago.

Several discoveries have been made but under the control of Smithsonian, these were swept under the rug, those discoveries which were not under Smithsonian’s control were hammered on by media crying hoax! Some were immediately stifled and no one said a thing about it just as if someone had passed gas in a crowd and no one wanted to acknowledge it for fear of blame.

Great efforts in some cases was given and numerous articles assuring you how ridiculous it is to even suppose that any other culture has been here in the past.  One excellent example exist today in which lies a 10 foot petrified giant, plain to see but no one dares to question this absolutely ridiculous hoax… 

The inevitable was the Discovery of the Tucson Lead Crosses. Although the media jumped all over it and even today there are some who just can’t accept it. Despite the week arguments made by those who cater to Smithsonian, the master Peddler, the one thing that seems to escape the feeble minds, is common sense.

In 1924 Charles E. Manier was 39 Years of age, a disabled Veteran of World War 1 being one of the first 1000 soldiers who reached France and who was in 1924 a patient in the first Veterans hospital in Tucson Arizona, and would be for another 2 years, why he was there I do not know, After his 5 year stay in the Veterans hospital, Marnier went to work as a Deputy Warden at the State Penitently after 1929.  Manier passed away at his home in 1941.

This just does not sound like the kind of man who would literally spend weeks days and months preparing to instigate a hoax of this size, it would seem that during the years of preparation of this so called hoax were pre occupied with Manier coming from Cleveland Ohio as a disabled Veteran and with a family no less to care for. It is amazing how the Peddlers of bullshit conveniently manage to leave out this information. 

Along with the previous reason for pulling on my sewer boots, it is later said in the all knowing wiki regarding the Lead Artifacts hoax…,


Now I like to think I am a pretty good researcher especially in the Genealogic field, If Timotéo Odohui lived in the area or even ever existed,something…. Anything… would have come up at the many genealogy data bases, but as it seems, Timotéo Odohui appears to be non existent, a fiction created by desperate peddlers. And this is the best they could come up with? 

Also searching the many articles now available online, I am not surprised I did not find the “local news article” mentioned above.

They would have me believe that Manier in his crippled state, manage to chisel away perfectly untold amounts of Caliche to insert perfectly where in an archaeologist could not tell, and place THIRTY ONE Lead articles forged from lead which I couldn’t guess how long that took to make, and then inscribed them with old Latin which again would be a very time consuming task! One genius of a man had this to say…. We won’t mention any names…

Well it just so happens that I to obtained the works of these classical authors and found that Mr. Fowler , if he ever existed, did no such thing, as there is NOTHING in the text of the Tucson artifacts that was “identical” not even close to any of the mentioned authors works. Stop peddling the bullshit and produce some tangible valid evidence. 

I have a plan… but do I have the means? Is it my calling? I do not know the answer to this. Time is a wonderful thing… if you have the patience…

Over 12 million in Gold Coin

Photo (Courtesy of the Library of Congress)

George Armstrong Custer

with his captured Confederate friend from West Point Academy

James B. Washington.

The following story may be familiar to some, and again I ask please if you know the location please be silent about it. Again there are some who just don’t need to know. 

In March of 1862, the Union and the Confederacy had been playing cat and mouse for almost a year since the Father of Captain John James fired the first shot that was heard around the world. 9 months later the North was on assignment to deliver a payroll to various out posts. 

With the North unsuspecting, the North and the South locked horns in a battle again. It went on for a couple of days and at one point during the battle one of the local Indian tribes attacked both the North and the South, history doesn’t tell this part of the story but for the first time and likely the only, the South and the North actually joined forces to fight off the native people. 

It is said that the North was carrying about two months payroll for near 3000 men, average pay at that time was $20 per month. Privates were paid about $13 dollars a month up to a Captains pay at $115 per month. Another report says the payroll consisted of $125,000; there is no indication of whether it was $10 or $20 gold pieces. It is likely that silver was not present in the payroll due to weight issues. If it were gold only it would be about 520 lbs. 

During the heat of the battle Captain John James come across the payroll wagon of the North he says he seized the payroll and dumped in a hole with no witnesses. Resources with personal knowledge say no one ever went back to recover it, even though a few had every opportunity, they did not mainly because they didn’t need it. In 1946 one individual with personal knowledge said, As far as I know it has never been retrieved, and if it had been recovered, it wasn’t reported. 

To this day, the hole still exists and about 30 to 40 feet down is likely over 12 million in gold and that’s the actual gold value. The coins are no doubt fresh minted coins. Collector value could be near 3 times that amount and in some cases certain 20 dollar gold pieces can fetch as much as $50,000 EACH. 

But all good tales have a down side… first and foremost if we are to be honest with ourselves, we must accept that there is only a 50% chance it is still there, it either is, or it isn’t, simple as that.

Now there are the land issues, how does one gain the right to the hole? Guaranteed the Fed is well aware of the missing payroll and if one were to find it and make it known, they would be all over it like feds on Mr. Taylor. Make a deal with them? LMAO! I doubt even if a deal was made, a deal would be honored. Besides, as far as I am concerned it doesn’t belong to the Fed. 

I am not posting this for discussion; I am posting it to share. Equipment is not what is needed on this project, what is needed in this case, is a very creative mind time and I am sure some expense.

Dead Spaniards and bags of Corn

The following story is for “Mike” G…. it is the only way I could think of to say… Thank you… 

And to the many friends I have recently past on…. 

If any of you recognize the following story, I ask that you please keep the details of place names quiet, I know the story has been passed around a bit but humor me please. There are details which were relayed to me which has never been told or put to pen… and those details I will keep to myself at this time.

One late spring day in about 1926 or so, Bill, Thomas, Elizabeth and Leah, 4 high school kids decided to skip out on school for the day and go on an adventure to one of their favorite camping areas next to the old mountain lake. They all jumped in Georges old Model T and headed up the winding bumpy dirt road. After about an hour or so, they topped the mountain with the trees thinning out and revealing a beautiful lake surrounded by trees on one side and a beautiful meadow on the other. 

They parked the old Model T at the North end of the lake as always, grabbed their things and headed out to explore… Heading across the meadow and towards the thick trees ahead, they entered the thick forest again but this time on foot. They stayed fairly close to each other because of the dense forest and just beyond entering the thick trees the mountainside begins to drop down into the canyon below, progressively getting steeper as you go and getting more difficult to wander the further you go and so they stayed up near the top. Spreading out a bit and far enough they could not see Thomas, the other three heard Thomas hollering come over here! Come see what I found! The other 3 kids hurried towards Thomas’s voice and soon he came into view. He was standing next to a very large tree and it had a large branch with what appeared to be an old sort of block and tackle hanging from the branch.

An old mine shaft

Thomas had to step in front of the others as the came closer as they did not see the partially hidden 6 foot square hole in the ground just below the block and tackle. As they all stood starring in wonder at the hole and the tackle, it is likely they knew exactly what it was… Thomas suddenly perks up and says with excitement, HeyI want to down go in!

Seeing clearly it was a old likely Spanish mine shaft and tossing in a small rock or two showed it was pretty deep. Bill perks up and says I have rope up in the car? After retrieving the rope and tying it securely around Thomas the other 3 slowly lowered him into the old shaft. I have no idea what he used for light, but after a few minutes and at the end of the rope which was about 60 feet, Suddenly Thomas starts hollering from below, GET ME OUT! PULL ME UP! PULL ME UP! The others did there best and shortly thereafter Thomas emerges from the dark shaft, and climbs free of the hole, he gets up and struggles to remove the rope from his waste and clearly he is shaken from the unknown event. He finally cast off the rope and stomped his way all they way back to the old Model T not saying a word, he opens the door and sits down starring out the front window obviously shocked.

The others slowly approach the old T and after starring at him for a minute or so, one of the others stutters the words, Wa wa What Happened? After a moment or two Thomas pulls himself together and says…. My God!, there’s a bunch of dead Spaniards down there leaning against the wall, and they have bags of CORN all around them! Every one was silent for a time after that looking back and forth at each other… and on their way down they made a pact to never speak of it to anyone. Thomas had no desire to ever go back and never di according to Leah and Bill.

Handful of Corn

None of them spoke a word of it after that until many years later… Thomas and Elizabeth had passed away with only Bill and Leah remaining. Leah was in her 80’s I think when one day an acquaintance (a friend of mine) stopped by for an unknown purpose, this being around late 1980’s to early 1990’s. While talking about other things unrelated the conversation some how turned to old Spanish mines. Leah gained a little sparkle in her eye and asked would you like to hear a story of what happened to me and some friends in my younger years? Sure my friend responded… with that she said that she had never told the story before and she relayed the above story. When she finished she told my friend, now, just so you know I haven’t told you a phony story, I want you to go down the street to that old red brick house on the next N/E corner and go to the door and knock. An elderly gentleman will answer the door, his name is Bill, I want you to introduce yourself and tell him you just left my house and tell him that I just told you… “the story” and tell him to tell you the story and he will tell you the very same story. My friend agreed and did as she said, and Bill indeed told him the same story that Leah remembered. Bill however added to the story that he had once went back to try to find the old shaft, because he knew well and good it was not corn in those bags. He said none of the others ever returned. But he said he didn’t try very hard and he was quick to write it off feeling it was not meant for him. 

My friend never really put much effort into it having plenty to keep him busy, and after the story sat in his files for many years, on day in his elderly years, he called me up as he often did, and asked if I would be interested in perusing and old story he had… Of Course I said! And here we are today… “we” have made a few attempts to enter the old thick forest and we even believe we have found a geologic anomaly that just isn’t natural, in fact two and both fit the details not shared above. A thorough search has not yet been made and I have convinced myself of the type of equipment I need before I plan another tip and in order to find this presumed, still open 6 foot square hole in the ground. My friend has since passed away. 

This story is just one of the many that still sits with nothing being done largely because certain equipment is needed, either that or a lot of ground work which 20 years ago would not have been a problem. There is however certain aspects of this story that has it at the top of my list, some of you I know can see what that might be. I wish I could have shared the whole story but as always, there are just some who do not need to know… 😉

I am all for the volunteer foot soldiers, but this one kicked even one of my best hikers butts, good o’l Tracey, and my other dear friend and best hiker and reliable friend has also recently passed… Steve and Todd, I’m going to miss you guys… say hello to Paul for me would ya?… until we meet again.

Lost History of Sanpete Valley

Will the true history of this continent ever be told? A history that has never been told, at least not in a way that connects the many fragments of discoveries, legends, scriptural references, histories of cultures not considered, and many other sources. Some day I may attempt to undergo this task, and even then only a small part will have been told. Who is it that writes the history? Or should I say, what is being passed off as history…

Today my focus is on a particular potential discovery, and I am going to say it now, I could be wrong, but if I thought I was possibly wrong, I would not be writing this, and even if I am wrong about the final conclusion, the evidences of the overall chain of events that occurred along the way, is so profound, strong, and compelling, I don’t know how it can be ignored, but it will be by many… and the reason is, they simply and literally do not care.

I must also tell the reader, that my critics will most certainly rear their egos, maybe more than usual, because not only will this Hypothesis reach them, and their unbridled pride lash out, but I will also have to contend with a group of people whom this hypothesis would most benefit if true, if they can see what I believe to be the truth, and it is found to be true.

However, my faith in man is weak these days. The very people whom I am trying to share this with, whom it would be most beneficial to if true, will be my worst critics… why? I refuse to elaborate further…

Of the many untold histories and discoveries already made, but not made public… there is one, which I believe will some day, come to be known, if it is sooner or later, is not for me to say, if true, it will be when it is expedient for the public to know… for now, just sit back and enjoy the story, which you at this time have no choice but to class it with a historical fiction, which just might someday become truth.

My apologies for any redundancies found in this segment, but I feel it necessary to connect the dots, so to speak, as it is all connected… something I just cannot escape…

I also apologize at this time for what seems to be in the past, an effort to write tight lipped, I confirm at this time that it is true, and I can only say that in this article you may find the same, but I will try to loosen up a bit where I can. I wish I could explain the many reasons why I often feel constrained to what is said… I could offer a few… shall we say excuses? at this time, but let this one suffice… there are just some things, the general public ought not know.

Those of you who have followed my research in part, or from the beginning, may be familiar with the contents of the Book Nephite North, and many articles buried in the archives of or even the expanded versions found in the 3 volume set, The Forbidden Histories of the Americas (Articles from

Sanpete Valley

Today I am going to direct your attention to a place here in Utah, called the Sanpete valley, located in central Utah, a place where the inhabitants, and those connected to it, continue their lives, day in, and day out, never knowing or understanding the significance of this place, and the untold histories of events that have occurred here, or those that have been told, and they do not know that this place is the true setting.

According to some of the academics, the history of Sanpete started in the fall of 1849 when the settlers arrived… really? How boring. And if you are bold enough to visit WIKI, we have this;

“The Sanpete Valley may have been traversed or inhabited as long as 32,000 BP, by small bands of hunters. This probably continued for about 20,000 years, at which time the extinction of larger game animals forced a change. About 8,500 years ago, different groups (characterized by use of atlatls, millstones and textiles) came onto the scene. These also departed the area about 2,500 years ago, for unknown reasons, after which the area does not seem to have been visited by humans for 1,500 years.

Archeological evidence indicates that the Fremont people appeared next on the stage, the first inhabitants to domesticate crops and to create relatively large communal settlements. In this county the best-known Fremont site to date is “Witch’s Knoll” three miles (5 km) SE of Ephraim. Around 1300 AD the evidence of Fremont habitation also ceases. The most recent groups of indigenous Americans in the Sanpete region are the Ute, Paiute, Goshute and Shoshoni, all sharing a common language family called Numic[Uto-Aztecan]

I admit, I’m torn, I don’t know whether to be amazed, fall on the floor laughing, or throw up in my mouth… however in an effort to keep from sounding, or being smug, I’ll just put on my hip waders, and move on… I don’t dare read anything regarding the geologic history of Sanpete Valley…

The following may sound conjectural, but I assure you the evidences are many, which may, or may not be included in this article.

The First Inhabitants.

Approximately 4400 years ago, the first people arrived on this continent after a great and terrible global flood, they arrived and set foot, very near what is now called Las Vegas, Nevada. When they arrived, the land there, and Northerly was nothing as it is today, it was semi tropical, and almost heavenly environment. Within the next few hundred years, people spread abundantly all over what is now called the west. Sanpete Valley in that day, lay in an Easterly direction, there is no doubt the valley was inhabited at this time.

Cities sprang up everywhere, including the area of the Sanpete Valley. Other cultures also came to this land, in those early days; however, it is unknown whether these other cultures were in the Sanpete area. One such culture came from India, prior to the days of King Solomon, one may read superficial evidence of this in the book 1st Kings… yes, in your Bible, or you may find additional, more profound evidences in the Book, Nephite North, and the Book, The Forbidden Histories of the Americas. What events took place over the next 1600 years is vague, but these people, as a result of their iniquities, brought an end to themselves as a people. Sometime near 650-600 BC there was a great battle between the two primary divisions of this people, this battle ended in the Sanpete Valley, with millions of people strewn over the ground with literally no one left to bury them. It is no wonder why this area became uninhabited, or why they “departed the area” for “unknown reasons” approximately 2500 years ago.

One such evidence that shows this event likely happened, but not necessarily when, can be found in the book Nephite North, in the chapter “Ye are Salt of the Earth” Another clue might be to wonder about the lowest point in the valley, the Redman Salt Mines, do you really think that these salt deposits just magically show up where mother Nature decides? What if we were to follow the water runoff path, to the end of the river that travels through Sanpete, and

ends at Sevier Lake, which is known for what? Again here is that salt, you must admit you are now beginning to consider the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and that strange sea we take for granted, called the DEAD Sea. How about the destruction of Jerusalem, also found just upstream from this curious sea of Salt where Lot’s family was told to flee, and not to look back, but what did Lot’s wife do? And what happened to her? Better yet, what happened to the inhabitants of Jerusalem? Why Salt? If you don’t know, then maybe you don’t need to know, or you can find out by reading the chapter “Ye are Salt of the Earth.”

It is unknown as to how long that salt lay upon the ground in Sanpete Valley, or whether it was swept clean in those days, a later account makes it quite clear it was swept clean. I often wonder where Salt Creek got its name. The presumed academic WIKI report says; following, the inhabitants “departed the area,” and does not seem to have been visited by humans for 1,500 years.

About 5-600 BC another culture came to this area, those who carried the Haplogroup X dna, or, were of Hebrew descent, how long it took them to inhabit the valley is unknown. By 100 BC another Culture or two entered the scene… One from China, but, according to their records, they did not stay long, and the other we would refer to as Indo-Greeks, some of you might know them as Gadianton. Which of the two inhabited the Valley of Sanpete is unknown at this time, perhaps both, but they also built cities, or at least re-built cities of the previous culture. At this time, the land was still a semi tropical environment, and likely looked very different than it does today, all this would change in about 900 AD.

What these two cultures did, and how they interacted is unknown, and would most certainly be conjectural should I elaborate, however, in about 385 AD another great battle took place, in the same area as the former battle, and the results were the same. I often wonder, how many have come to the realization that this event was the final straw of what we have heard in certain histories as, “the fall of the Western Roman Empire.”

It’s not a stretch… Millions of people, again, lay strewn upon the ground with no one to bury them, and once again, due to the stench, and the stigma, the area was uninhabited again, and likely remained as such for at least a few hundred years. However, someone after this, built, or rebuilt a city, perhaps even two, it’s possible the structures are much older, but due to implicating evidences, it would be my guess they or it, was built after 500 AD, but before

900 AD. Prior to the Event of 900 AD, this place was mostly a land of many waters, rivers, and fountains.

Boundary of the Colorado Plateau Uplift

The Colorado Plateau Uplift

In about 900 AD, if not the very year of, something incredible happened here in the west, which mostly affected Utah, the Colorado Plateau uplift. It also had its affect in Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, and even as far as California. This event is specifically why the Aztec left their homeland Aztlan, although the Aztec record does not specifically address this. All that gives us a clue in the record, is that it says they left in humility. Why don’t we know about this event? Well… some of us do, but it has been masked over by the academic time machine, and in this case it is said that the event happened, or began as far back as 600 million years ago, and happened over millions of years, when in fact it happened likely in a day, and only 1100 years ago. Now I have never wrote about the Colorado Plateau uplift in any detail, however, in an effort to not rehash, you may re-read, or read a previous article found here… Undiscovered Histories of Utah.

Barringer Meteor Crater

We may never know exactly what it was that initiated the events of the uplift, but it had its affect at several geologic areas, creating events all the way around the borders of the plateau. However there is one geologic event or should we call it an astronomical event which occurred about 20 miles or so if not on the border of the south end of the boundary of the Colorado Plateau uplift, just a little to coincidental for me. For years I never gave it much consideration simply because I underestimated the magnitude of the impact, it wasn’t until I noticed all the seismic activity in the way of Volcanic activity in and around the immediate area, this would be the Barringer Meteor impact Crater in Arizona. Could this have been what triggered the Plateau event? The Academics claim it occurred about 50,000 years ago but as much credence as some would give those who toss these dates around like they actually know, is staggering to me. My hypothesis would be that at about 900 AD a comet was observed by the ancestors of the Aztec and the strike carried just enough energy to set in motion the already fractured area as a result of two previous and violent pole shifts of the past. This in and of itself would have almost been enough to cause the Aztec to wonder if they were right with their God. After all the events surounding this cataclysmic event, and with the climate changing from semi Tropical to high country desert, I can see why the Aztec say they left their homeland in Humility.

Barringer Meteor Crater claimed to have struck earth some 50,000 years ago with absolutely no evidence to substantiate that guess…

Just to the North West of this meteor impact, is one of the larger Volcanic mass areas here in the west, Sunset Crater National Park contains quite an array of volcanoes including the more famous one at the site, Sunset Crater. Strangely enough, the academic event dating system must have been shut  down, because their guess of the time frame of this even is placed at approximately 950 years ago, derived from tree ring dates of all things… now there’s an idea… Oh well, they are getting closer. Incidentally, someone please remind me to write concerning the true nature and origin of Volcanoes… Did you really think our planet has a huge ball of 9,329 degree molten lava nickel in the center that to date being “billions” of years latter is STILL “cooling off” all the while carrying two Ice age glacier packs several miles thick and at the same time trying to convince us of global warming? If this were true, all life on the surface would have been cooked beyond cinders billions of years ago… when will the people stop buying into the bullshit?

To many coincidental occurrences

Back to the Colorado Plateau Uplift

According to the Paiute, fire spit from the ground in the Cedar City, Parowan area, the waters in and around Cedar City, and Parowan, suddenly rushed northward, this should be a clue that lake Bonneville still existed, and was not created 14,000 years ago at the end of some fictitious last ice age. Lake Bonneville was created as a result of the cataclysmic event that occurred at the time of the crucifixion, this later event cause the first stage of Lake Bonneville’s disappearance, which caused it to lower from its highest level of about 5200 feet down to 4800. It also set the stage for the waters that fed Lake Bonneville for near 900 years, to slowly return underground which led to its eventual disappearance. When the plateau tilted on the west side, it caused lake Bonneville to shift, sending a wave of water northward, which is the force that slammed into and burst thru Red Rock pass in Idaho. A tilting or rise in the Uinta Mountains, due to water pressure, sent lake Coppola (Uinta) rushing southward breaking through its natural barrier, which carved out another thousand feet of the Grand Canyon floor. There was an up rise in the Northern Colorado Mountains, also, (this likely occurred prior to at the events of the crucifixion) this obliterated a Natural river, which flowed from Lake Coppola easterly and was the upper most and main feed of the Missouri River, since creation. In ancient times it was likely the river Pishon, and in later BC times it was known as the river Sidon. If you look at the topography, at the juncture of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, it is clear where the main flow of the lower Mississippi came from, in the days prior. 

Missouri and Mississippi Confluence

In Utah, west of Fillmore, also Parowan, and the Saint George area, and around Mount Trumbull, all spewed lava from the fractures created some 900 years earlier, but more likely from 3600 years earlier, in the days of Peleg, “when the Earth divided” and this does NOT mean Tectonic Plates, or Continental shift, both theories of which are pure rubbish.

The Colorado Plateau uplift was a cataclysmic event, and was recorded, not only by the Aztec and Paiute, but the Roman Colonies, who were here at the time. Now as it pertains to the main topic, we have not yet come to, along the northwestern border, of the Colorado Plateau uplift, is Sanpete Valley… The tops of the mountains, above the valley, towards the east, opened, and the rivers flooding the valley washed everything on the surface down, and it now rests at Lake Sevier. If you doubt this part, for whatever reason consider this…

Waters of Ripliancum

Isaiah 41:18

18 I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

And for the visual critics, take a close look at the geologic make up of the mountains east of Sanpete county, from Ephraim to about Indianola, and especially the formation that the local inhabitants know very well, Horse Shoe Mountain… this horseshoe formation was NOT created by some fictitious Ice Age, nor was it made from glaciers which have never existed in these mountains. These formations were created as a result of high pressure, waters from an underground source, waters that literally exceeds all, and breaching the tops of the mountains, flowed down. Some refer to these waters as the waters of Ripliancum, no wait… my mistake, they don’t…. Also look at the east side of the Manti La Sal Mountain Range, formations which are abundant and sent the waters down on the east, through Castledale, and Ferron Utah.

Where does all this water come from?

East of Mount Pleasant looking west

Look at the geographic makeup of the valley floor in the suspect area, you will find 6 very large alluvial fans, comprised with the well known boulders of Fairview, Mount Pleasant, Spring City, and the drumlins as a result, reaching as far as Ephraim. Just one of these alluvial fan boulder fields takes in no less that 3600 square acres, or approximately 6 square miles. The locals contend with them every time they dig, the landscape companies in Salt Lake harvest the boulders for landscaping, yet no one ever asks…. These boulders are sized ranging from not much bigger than a football to the size of a Volkswagen Bug. Where did all these boulders come from? Well, if you were standing at Spring City, or south of it, asking that question, I would say while pointing to the east… look at that big missing piece of Horse Shoe Mountain, for which it gets its name.

Six Alluvial Fans

Looking East over Fairview, Mount Pleasant, and Spring City.

When will the people as a whole realize, that, for over 150 years we have been fed nothing but theory and told it was fact? Where are the real thinkers and problem solvers? They are certainly not coming out of the Universities.

The following is a simple sketch, showing a cross section of Sanpete Valley, between Mount Pleasant and Fairview, from west to east, looking north, and although not perfect by any means, it shows what the valley may have looked like prior to the flooding event in 900 AD. The lower half shows the alluvial fan of boulders.

View would be from south, looking towards Fairview, from Mount Pleasant.

However, at this location between the two towns, there are some strange looking hills that geologist will say are drumlins, created by glacial melt. As many times as I have seen and read about the creation of drumlins by glaciers, I have never see one presentation, that did not include flood waters flowing under the ice, so why do we have to have a big thick layer of ice in order to create drumlins?

Mild Geologic uplift?

Could this be the source of the immovable object, which allowed the drumlins to form?

When I first saw these hills, I could see that something just wasn’t right, I imagined their creation, knowing that in order for drumlins to form, there must be an immovable object, in order for them to begin building. If the immovable object was a small geo uplift, perhaps created as a result of the overall Colorado uplift, why wasn’t it continuous? How could this uplift have 5 peaks? Although I am sure it is possible, it just didn’t seem right.

Or could this be the source of the immovable object?

Is it possible?

Hints of this valley’s past also pried at me… 5 peaks just seemed to obvious, so I decided to compare it with the only other “immovable object” I could think of, that might have been there on the valley floor, prior to this cataclysmic event… a man made structure. Thinking of the suspect time frame, I decided to check alignments, as the placement of the peaks seemed specific and not natural, I couldn’t help but think of the Sun Pyramid complex at Teotihuacán which seem to have the same alignment.

I said it once, and I will say it again, I could be wrong, but I highly suspect that when this cataclysmic event occurred, which is NOT in question, that the immovable object[s] needed to form the existing combination of drumlins, (Also not in question) might very well be some very stout man made structures, rather than an uplift with 5 peaks. Is it possible that one of the 7 Cities of Cibola has been found?

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