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Reincarnation Soul Trap | “Exit the Cave”… Exit the Archonic Soul Trap… Is ’21 the real exit from Plato’s cave?

Reincarnation Soul Trap | Coming here early to share with you some of the work going into the new book Exit the Cave. This concept of reincarnation being a trap for our soul is an important one, so I wanted to share a small piece of that work with you as well as the challenge with writing about Plato’s Cave at all. As for me, doing fine, still not much sun, writing 6 hours a day, in the garden the rest of the time. See you all in a couple of weeks. |

Lots of talk on this subject in our community of late. Cool to see Matt showcase a video on it. A great one too. This guy has an awesome outlook on the subject and isn’t too pretentious or overly specific on any particular modus of thought or plan on what one should to do at the time of the death in order to avoid the soul trap. He very responsibly makes sure to let you know that the decision on how to handle the plan of action at the moment or death and immediately after being liberated from your meat suit is something that you must come to terms with on your own.

Relying on any worldly advice from another person of this world should be looked at as simply another precursory facet of the trap. One must assume that literally EVERYONE around them is an Archonic Matrix Agent who’s been put here to steer your ass right back into the soul trap loosh-farming apparatus that these interdimensional parasitic Alien fucks operate. Especially your immediate family and closest friends. ESPECIALLY. This place really is “The Truman Show” and you’re the “true man” and star of the show, whether you are ready to admit it or not.

From Parasites to Paradise – TRICKEDBYTHELIGHT. COM |

In my humble and flawed worldly opinion, one must learn let go of anything and everything having to do with existing in 3D space time and not be duped into unwittingly continuing to play by someone else’s rules or even play any kind of game at all. You must withdraw your consent in every which way imaginable and completely severe the connection.

But don’t just listen to me. I myself am a human who is very much of this world at the moment or at the least stuck within this world for a time and in turn I am perpetually negatively influenced by worldliness 24/7. Be sure to listen to yourself above all else and take the advice of others in small doses only and use external opinions merely as guiding influences to eventually bring you to your own unique and personal epiphanies and way out of Plato’s Cave.


Is ’21 the real exit from Plato’s cave?

My redrawn version of the allegory of the cave by Plato to depict the 2021 challenges and opportunities

  • Is ’21 the real exit from Plato’s cave?
  • Published on May 7, 2021

Christian FaberCreative Director and founder of Copenhagen Rig

If you feel like you have been in a dark tunnel for many months, even years now, you might be closer to the truth than you think. The exit may be just around the corner.

Ever since I first saw the drawing and read the allegory of the cave, aka Plato’s cave way back in my teens I have been fascinated and intrigued by the greek philosopher Plato’s way of creating pictures that describes mental and philosophical matters. Especially the eery feeling of the fake life in the cave has bothered me deeply and I have been returning to the allegory time and time again because something felt alarmingly spot on describing my personal feeling and observation. 

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2000 and then what…?!

I grew up in the 70ies, and was a teen in the 80ies in Danish suburbia, I was always looking forward to the future, longing for the big change or exit from the “cave”. The point in time when the bubble would burst and reality would appear with explanations and clarity. At the same time the land of milk and honey and the dream of eternal entertainment and shopping was constantly shown and promised in film, TV and commercials. The year 2000 was the giant marker for a shift when everything would be different and better. Fact is that I was living in the cave and my whole life has been traveling deeper into the cave trying to buy my way to happiness and freedom.

Getting older and getting to work in the advertising industry a weary thought started to grow. Was this a fake freedom based on money, where all consumers were kept in a trance, satisfied by screens and instant gratification in shopping malls, on all-inclusive resorts around the world and behind the ever-growing number of colorfull screens in all the best locations.

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“Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else” is a quote from “1984” by George Orwell. The dystopian social science fiction novel where human life is suppressed by totalitarianism, mass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of persons and behaviours within society. Big Brother is watching and listening in on everything from two-way screens and microphones. This prediction did not become exact 1984 reality, BUT! years later the screens actually started to invade our lives and this was our own deliberate choice. Not a big brother screen but rather a Baby Brother that could be carried around and kept in the pocket. We would do the surveillance our selves and register our actions and locations. All the time we stayed in the cave, looking at more and more screens both at work and as entertainment. We have been searching for a higher meaning of our human reality, not realising that reality is a human 2d construction. Nature and our role in nature as a tiny part of a gigantic infinite system holds all the answers and meaning.

Growing up in the 21st century 

Through the early years of 21st century, I have seen my 2 daughters grow up as digital natives, born in the cave with a screen in hand, being fed the perfect blend of egocentric ME, myself and I selfie culture and shop on-line convenience. They have seen the web and the gadgets as a natural and necessary part of life. Almost as a part of the body. 

Boomers and my generation X have often been the most enthusiastic fans of the new smart tech reality. Having seen the gadgets go from clumsy and low res to extremely fast, light and intoxicating. We could never wait for the next invention in tech, the next smartphone model and we felt entitled and deserving. We knew the effect on our kids but led with the wrong example of using the screens for everything including babysitting and rewards.

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The year 2000 did not really open the door to the future and not even the feared Millenium bug could wake us up and indicate that something was wrong. The unprecedented growth and wealth kept the illusion alive, but the future suddenly felt a bit weak and without direction. After the financial crisis in 2007-08 a sense of doubt did start to arise in the “entertainment cave”. Was this really it, was this really the future? no flying cars and no clear answers.

The cave had become a global Las Vegas, full of light and instant thrills with 24/7 service so day and night dissolved into a haze of instant gratification and playful nothingness. The only way out was an individual rebellion and tales of people finding basic mening outside the cave startet to appear in film and media. Some times these “exits” were even made into entertainment where you could sit in your chair and watch other people in extreme situations “Alone in the wild” out in real nature or in personal struggle. The best entertainment was to see other people suffer or being attacked, murdered or threatened by all kinds of murders, zombies or aliens. You could sit in safety and feel happy that what happened on the screen was only makeup and special EFX. WOW look at those effects and nothing is actually real…

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Pandemic in the cave

2019 and suddenly it is full stop in the entertainment cave. Reality comes knocking and nature cracks open to released a pandemic. The constant flow of stimuli suddenly stops and the reality of our biology and fragile nature ruins the thrill of watching other people suffer while falling asleep in the sofa. Keeping still won’t keep us safe. Nature will shake, quake and disrupt everything in a constant evolutionary wave towards the future. 

You have to act because the answers and initiative will not come from the cave. This is a mind game where you will feel locked, unhappy in search of gratification and unable to act. You have to leave the cave on your own initiative. Smartphone in hand and mask on the face you mentally move out and up towards a new reality. 

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This 2021 Plato’s cave where we have been living is no longer a simple cave with a stone wall, a fire making shadows and chains to keep us in. We have been living here in fake safety, luxury and convenience and there are many new layers, dead-ends and tunnels leading deeper into mistrust and darkness. If you are trying to leave the cave you need a navigation tool and maybe even technological assistants. You have to exit the cave alone. This is a matter of personal mindset and view of life. What gives you value, direction and goals. You have to know yourself and accept your weaknesses and imperfections. Staring into the tiny screen of your smartphone can give you direction but it can also misslead you and make you stumble. Many are walking towards the new reality. One thing is certain, there is before and after Covid and there is no going back to normal. 

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The future awaits outside the cave and our future relatives will live the effects of our choices. this is a challenging and amazing time to be alive where the power of our individual choices are more significant than ever. We decide the future of the coming generations.

Technology gives us the ability to look into the future, but remember that the future is looking back at us. This is not a game! These are epic times with longterme challenges and great meaning.

Take care, out there in the new reality

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  1. Your work on conspiracies is generally good but in regards to reincarnation you continue to fall for the Luciferic belief system. I don’t leave these comments to pick on you personally, Jerry, but because you have a large impressionable following, it is incumbent on you to do well-rounded research in this spiritual field. I have directed you time and again to Steiner’s work but you continue to listen to people who frankly, have no spiritual insight into these matters. To desire to leave Earth evolution (which requires many incarnations) to some vague lofty heaven is ungrounded spirituality (over-spirituality) which is by Steiner’s definition, Luciferic. We incarnate to face these evils in order to strengthen our souls. You want to abort that mission.

    Steiner writes, “Suppose you have to push a cart. You develop strength by pushing it. If it were more heavily loaded, you would have to push harder but as a result you would also develop greater strength.” It’s that simple, really. To use your language, the archon parasites are our burden in our carts. They are here for a reason, to serve God as adversary. Nothing is outside of God’s divine plan. Not even some conspiratorial Demiurge.

    • Comment by post author

      I don’t why you seem to be SO sure and SO insistent that it DEFINITELY doesn’t exist just because it doesn’t jive with the work of Rudolph Steiner. That’s one guy. I mean, I’m not 100% sure about ANYTHING and never will be. I think it would be irresponsible to not prepare yourself for all possibilities, no matter how much they might fly in the face of one’s spiritual world view. Honestly, it only makes me more suspicious when I see someone like you, someone the system knows I hold in the highest percentile of regard as far as their opinions and personal insights on the occult, spirituality and the nature of reality, come out and try to assert to me that there is NO way the soul trap is a real thing. It would be irresponsible for me not to try to warn others to somewhat prepare for the possibility, no matter how theoretically remote, that the human race could be stuck in some kind of alien ant farm. To try to claim the opinion is invalid would be irresponsible. I respect your opinion though and still believe in the consciousness Creator God.

      • It’s true that Steiner is just one person, however he was born with clairvoyant perception into the spiritual world, and thus his body of work is no mere theorizing. As well he compared his findings to the growing Theosophical Movement which at the time was merging the best of Eastern mysticism with Western Occultism. Thus he had a rich body of knowledge to draw on (although he didn’t agree 100% with the other leading Theosophists on certain issues like the Christ Being, for example).

        Thus the problem with the New Age today and UFOlogy is that it is too much theorizing and it’s so divorced from traditional precedents. It’s trying to exist in a vacuum.

        The alien ant farm idea is dangerous because to believe it keeps one locked in fear mode and takes one’s power away. This is by design by the loosh harvesters. You can’t evolve the soul properly under such conditions, and you might even argue that doing soul work here is meaningless, if in any case you are just recycled back in at the push of a button, without rhyme or reason, and devoid of any karmic, cosmic wisdom.

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