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Father Speaks to Pharmacist After His Son Was Diagnosed With Myocarditis Following Vaccine Injection | THEY CAN NO LONGER DENY OR AVOID IT — VAX deaths are skyrocketing but VAX still safe and effective!

She goes, “well I’m sorry about that…“. Lol…SMH…. It’s not funny.

She’s sorry that the experimental injection that she stuffed into the arm of his perfectly healthy 9 year old son has now left the poor boy permanently debilitated with a deathly serious heart condition(Myocarditis) that could very well kill him in the next 5 years. While I do feel sorry for the father, he is still at fault here. That’s right. He didn’t do enough to ensure that his wife would never vaccinate their child under any circumstances. She should have been too terrified to even consider jabbing their child. He clearly didn’t threaten her hard enough and draw a clear enough line in the sand and outline what he would do in the event she decided to foolishly jab the kid. This is life and death. Nothing should be off the table when it comes to making sure your child isn’t vaccinated by the other brain dead NPC parent. They need to be made aware of just how serious and jarring the consequences and repercussions would be in the event they decided to defy your wishes and poison the child that you have together with one of these retard-jabs.

These Pharmacists are such wastes of life. My goodness. Listen to her bumble and stumble through the conversation. Unfortunately she is kind of right when she says that in the end, all the liability falls on you and they really don’t have to disclose shit. It’s fucked up but pretty much true. You and you alone are responsible for learning the details and potential dangers posed by any of the substances you allow to be shot up inside you body. It’s not on the Pharmacist, Doctor or Nurse’s job to inform you of anything. Now, in this case this poor minor child was simply unlucky to have a super dummy post modern Covidiot mommy and he might never see adulthood because of her. 🤬

UGETube: Father Speaks to Pharmacist After His Son Was Diagnosed With Myocarditis Following Vaccine Injection

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They will shamelessly make up anything else to blame, never admitting what the true culprit is. Unreal…. People are so damn stupid.

The notion that vaccines are straight poison for children is nothing new mind you. 👇 This is from 2015….

Jim Carrey Slams School Vaccine Legislation: It’s “Poisoning More Children”

Carrey tweeted that Gov. Jerry Brown is a “corporate fascist” who “must be stopped.”
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Vax induced stroke live on air. | https://www.bitchute.com/video/mGG0gU21iIRw/
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