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Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 1 & 2 | The atomic bomb most likely was another Jesuit fraud. So Is Nuclear Energy.

I’ve actually known about this theory for a while. Japan’s cities were relentlessly fire-bomed with incendiary explosives in Apocalyptic fashion during WW2. There were accounts from bomber pilots and crew members about how they could smell the burning flesh from inside the airplane as they devastated Japanese cities with never-ending firebombing campaigns. So the destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki could easily be attributed to that and NOT a result of dropping a fictional atom bomb.

There is also a big cover-up relating to the true nature of nuclear-powered power and the dangers(or lack there of) of radiation.

Death Object – Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax | PDF DOWNLOAD

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Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 1

The atomic bomb most likely was another Jesuit fraud. I came to understand it late. But now I really believe that the atomic bomb is a scam like the Germs Theory, the climate change caused by the anthropic CO2, the moon landing, etc. I know that this seems strange, stupid and crazy, even to me seemed like that when I saw for the first time that there was someone that questioned the existence of atomic bomb. Now I think that the atomic bomb is just another great work of authentic Jesuit Theater. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were almost certainly destroyed by fire bomb attacksDo not confuse the explosive chain reaction (most likely a Jesuit fantasy) with what happens in normal nuclear power plants, they are two different things.

The Jesuit Arrupe, who in 1965 was later appointed Superior General of the Company, the one who is considered the ‘new founder’ of the Company in the 20th century, was in the front line in Hiroshima, on the very day of the launch of the ‘Little Boy’ hoax and remained ‘miraculously’ unharmed and ‘uncontaminated’, despite being only a few kilometers from the epicenter of the supposed explosion, evidently controlling the operations:

Please dedicate a few days or week to the matter, as I did. And read the rest of the article linked below. You can’t judge only after reading a title or a few lines of text.

The Manhattan project was coordinated, among others, by the “Pope” Enrico Fermi, together with his court of Jews, like J. Robert Oppenheimer.

r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 1

“The book is entitled: The Pope of physics: Enrico Fermi and the birth of the atomic era. There are no typos. I didn’t want to write the ‘dad’, but I really wanted to write the Pope. It was the nickname – which obviously referred to his infallibility – that had been given to him at the time of Via Panisperna, where everyone had a nickname linked to religious themes (Rasetti was the ‘Cardinal Vicar’; Majorana was the ‘Grand Inquisitor’; Amaldi was ‘the Abbot’ and so on). “

“Ettore [Majorana] finished elementary school and subsequently high school, completed in four years, at the Jesuit ‘Massimiliano Massimo’ college in Rome”

[In 1938, Enrico Fermi was quoted as saying about Majorana: “There are several categories of scientists in the world; those of second or third rank do their best but never get very far. Then there is the first rank, those who make important discoveries, fundamental to scientific progress. But then there are the geniuses, like Galilei and Newton. Majorana was one of these.”

Gifted in mathematics

Majorana was born in Catania, Sicily. Mathematically gifted, he was very young when he joined Enrico Fermi‘s team in Rome as one of the “Via Panisperna boys“, who took their name from the street address of their laboratory.”[3]]

Enrico Fermi is unquestionably among the greats of the world’s physicists, the most famous Italian scientist since Galileo. Called the Pope by his peers, he was regarded as infallible in his instincts and research. His discoveries changed our world; they led to weapons of mass destruction and conversely to life-saving medical interventions.This unassuming man struggled with issues relevant today, such as the threat of nuclear annihilation and the relationship of science to politics. Fleeing Fascism and anti-Semitism, Fermi became a leading figure in America’s most secret project: building the atomic bomb. The last physicist who mastered all branches of the discipline, Fermi was a rare mixture of theorist and experimentalist. His rich legacy encompasses key advances in fields as diverse as comic rays, nuclear technology, and early computers. In their revealing book, The Pope of Physics, Gino Segré and Bettina Hoerlin bring this scientific visionary to life.”

“Enrico Fermi (Rome, 1901 – Chicago, 1954) is considered, after Galileo Galilei, the greatest Italian physicist of all time”

Johnny Cirucci looked at the role that Galileo Galilei played for the Jesuits:

The Why Of The Globe Lie – Flat Earth United With Johnny Cirucci

The Jesuit self-education of Fermi:

“At a local market in Campo de’ Fiori Fermi found a physics book, the 900-page Elementorum physicae mathematicae. Written in Latin by Jesuit Father Andrea Caraffa [it], a professor at the Collegio Romano, it presented mathematics, classical mechanics, astronomy, optics, and acoustics as they were understood at the time of its 1840 publication.[11][12]…Fermi left Italy in 1938 to escape new Italian racial laws that affected his Jewish wife, Laura Capon. He emigrated to the United States, where he worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II. “

“Andrea Caraffa (1789 – 1845) was an Italian mathematician and physicistBelonging to the Jesuit order, Caraffa was a professor of the Roman CollegeOne of the first sources to satisfy Enrico Fermi’s curiosity for study was a treatise of his, written in Latin, which Fermi found at the Campo de ‘Fiori market in Rome. The manual, titled Elementorum physicae mathematicae, covered topics such as mathematics, classical mechanics, astronomy, optics, and acoustics. Its nine hundred pages in Latin were studied in depth by the young Fermi, as evidenced by the discovery of many leaflets and annotations within the two volumes of the treatise.”

“Fermi’s two main biographers, Laura Fermi and Emilio Segrè, insist on the strongly secular personality of Enrico Fermi’s parents, who had not received religious education. Even the closest relatives told me that Enrico had not been baptized and it is known that the marriage with Laura Capon was only civil, as evidenced by the photograph of their wedding in the Capitol. Wanting to be sure of this, I went to the Historical Archives of the Vicariate of Rome, where I found the baptismal records of Enrico and Maria Fermi. Then I went to the parish of St. Roberto Bellarmino, which was the parish of the Fermi family in 1938. Here to my great surprise I discovered that the day before leaving for Stockholm, for the Nobel Prize, and from where he would continue for the United States, his wife Laura had been baptized by Monsignor Ruffini, being godparents Edoardo and Ginestra Amaldi, and then immediately after the same prelate had united the couple in a Catholic marriage, witnesses the two godparents and prof. Ugo Amaldi. I then had the documents from the parish priest and only recently I learned that he should not have given them to me, because they are too recent. However, having obtained them at the time and having the authorization of family members, I learned unofficially that there was opposition to their publication. I’m in the show!

Enrico Fermi. Immagini e Documenti Inediti, 18 – 28 Ottobre 2001 Limonaia di Palazzo Ruschi – Pisa

By Roberto Vergara Caffarelli, (from the book: Enrico Fermi. Immagini e documenti)

Read Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

You can also read and download the entire 

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Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

See part 1:

It is impossible to explain all the evidence in a single article. Take your time and watch and read these sources and reach your conclusion:

  1. The Atomic Bomb does not exist, Uranium and plutonium are not explosives

2) Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist:

3) Death Object – Akio Nakatani:

r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2


“Trickery is the way of war – thus has it always been. But the nuclear trick is the biggest, boldest and baddest-ass scam in all of mankind’s ancient and eternal quest for power and profit through mass slaughter. DEATH OBJECT takes you behind the curtain and reveals the empty sound stage. The science, the history, the misery, the mystery – the full hoax is covered.

The DOD and the security agencies all have amply-paid COINTELPRO media staff devoted to jackbooting publications that get the masses a little too ‘interested” for their own good. They’ll be on here trashing and thrashing this book within an inch of its life. Don’t fall for that. You may have to duck, but you don’t have to let them cover you with manure. DEATH OBJECT packs more evidential meat into a couple hundred tightly reasoned pages than any existing nuclear hoax website, conspiracy forum, blog series or YouTube video. Every element of the atomic bomb scam, the founding myth of the technological age, is tied to every other, coalescing into an unanswerable exposé”

4) My Atomic Bomb Findings – The grand manipulation 1945-2022 – Anders Björkman:

“The 77 years old bullshit from 6 August 1945 about nuclear, military explosive fission was created by Potus Harry S. Truman and his predecessor FDR and is still working well today by several foreign governments like Russia (ex USSR), United Kingdom, France, China and North Korea (!), media, crazy armed forces and plenty nuclear physicists incl. plenty Nobel prize winners that cannot get any better jobs than lying for their governments – the only real job many physicists can get apart from being low paid school physics teachers – and by mainstream media that are experts in publishing fake info or news or what they call it.”

5) The Nuclear Hoax – by Miles Mathis:

“At any rate, I thought my conclusion there made it clear I suspected all tests and events to have been faked. If that wasn’t clear, I will clarify it here. I suspect all tests and events were and are faked. If they had any real events to show us, they wouldn’t need to show us faked events.”

6) The LIE your grandparents were told about the bombing of Hiroshima

“Some excerpts from a U.S. War Department propaganda film. A Tale of Two Cities. Originally, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I removed the Nagasaki part and put in a short clip about Tokyo. Comparisons can be made between Hiroshima, which is claimed was atomic bombed, and Tokyo, which is claimed was firebombed.”

7) No explosion at Trinity test site

“This crater was made by a bulldozer”

8 ) How did they manage to hide the true story of the atomic bomb?

9) Jesuit priest gives eyewitness account about Hiroshima. Says there was no ‘deadly rays’.

10) Nuke hoax and pre 1940 fiction programming

“We are being programmed on a very large scale, hard to contemplate by most.In this video, the topic of nuke scare mongering is addressed.

Nukes and the surrounding topics are first being presented by fictions writers and afterwards introduced as a “real deal” threat. Mainly to wage psychological warfare with big claims but flimsy evidence / footage. These scoundrels play with the fear and imagination of the people, to fill in the gaps and effectively guide us towards a desired goal.

The suggestion is made by the creator to audit the institutions and authorities making these claims. To root them out of their positions, playing with our minds. “

11) Photographic proof that Hiroshima was not destroyed with an atomic bomb

12) The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests were Faked

13) Top Secret information about the bombing of Hiroshima, now revealed.

14) Hiroshima: Was it radiation sickness, or malnutrition?

15) Hiroshima revisited by Michael Palmer.

This book examines the scientific and medical evidence to determine whether the conventional story of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be true. It concludes that

1. no nuclear detonations took place,

2. the cities were destroyed with conventional explosives and napalm,

3. the victims were killed not with radiation but with mustard gas, and also with napalm.

[Studies from neither Hiroshima nor Nagasaki furnish any clear evidence of radioactive fallout commensurate with the purported nuclear detonations. Levels of plutonium and 137 Cs near Nagasaki are suitably high, but they do not agree with the bomb’s stated fission yield. Moreover, their deposition cannot be shown to coincide with the time of the bombing; instead, they were likely deposited approximately two years afterward, which corresponds well with Compton’s estimated time of plutonium availability. The studies on the fallout of the Hiroshima bomb can be summed up as follows:

r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

1. No evidence exists of highly enriched 235 U in the fallout. The measurements on soil indicate a very low degree of isotopic enrichment only, and those on black rain drops dried in situ suggest the same. A high degree of enrichment is only ever stipulated, and the calculations based on this premise result in vanishingly small absolute amounts of bomb uranium.

2. 137 Cs attributable to the Hiroshima bomb is readily detected. Its level remains well below the global fallout that arose from later bomb tests, but in most of the samples described in sufficient detail it nevertheless exceeds the amount we should expect from 235 U measurements in conjunction with the key tenets of the official story of the bomb.

3. Samples protected from global fallout also contain plutonium, in amounts and isotopic compositions that are incompatible with its formation by a detonating 235 U bomb.

While none of these observations fit the ‘Little Boy’ narrative, all of them are consistent with the dispersal of reactor waste, for example by means of a ‘dirty bomb’. We also note that measured isotope ratios are highly variable, suggesting the use of several different batches of radioactive waste, within which the weakly enriched 235 U had undergone fission to different degrees. Overall, the findings and writings reviewed in this chapter consistently indicate that neither uranium nor plutonium were available in the required amounts and purities at the time of the alleged bombings, and that no atomic bombs were detonated. They also demonstrate inadequate, but determined efforts to forge the fallout of true nuclear detonations in both cities.]

Hiroshima revisited by Michael Palmer – pag. 65-66

16) The great Jesuit Theater, the Miracle of Hiroshima – Jesuits survived the atomic bomb thanks to the rosary

[Four Jesuits were nearby the hypocenter of the attack on Hiroshima, but they survived the catastrophe, and the radiation that killed thousands in the months following had no effect on them. The Jesuits priests Hugo Lassalle, Hubert Schiffer, Wilhelm Kleinsorge, and Hubert Cieslik were at the rectory of the church of Our Lady of the Assumption, one of the few buildings that resisted the bomb blast.

Father Cieslik wrote in his diary that they only sustained minor injuries from the broken windows – but nothing resulting from the atomic energy that was unleashed.

The doctors who took care of them afterwards warned them that the radiation they received would produce serious lesions, as well as illness and premature death.

The diagnosis never materialized. No disorders ever developed, and in 1976 Father Schiffer attended the Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia and told his story. He confirmed that the other Jesuits were still alive and without any ailments. They were examined by dozens of doctors some 200 times over the course of the following years, without any trace of the radiation being found in their bodies.

The four religious never doubted that they had been blessed with protection by God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. “We were living the message of Fatima and we prayed the Rosary every day,” they explained.]


r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

18) Did The A-Bomb Do Any Good? Two Men Who Were At Hiroshima Give Their Answer, Gretta Palmer The American Legion Magazine, 50, No. 1 (January 1951)

r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

[“Where were you on the evening of August 6, 1945? Where were you when you heard the news from Hiroshima? It is a question every American old enough to hear the radio five years ago can answer. Where were you when the A-bomb dropped?

Recently, in a New York hotel room, two men met for the first time. To the question “Where were you on the morning of August 6th?” they had the same answer to make:

“Hiroshima! In the plane that dropped the bomb,” said Captain Robert A. Lewis, co-pilot of the historic B-29, the Enola Gay.

“Hiroshima! Breakfasting in the Rectory of our church,” said Father Hubert F. Schiffer, S.J., one of the few European victims of the bomb.

“For five years I have looked forward to meeting someone who saw it from the ground,” said Captain Lewis.

“I have wanted for five years to meet someone who was in the plane,” said Father Schiffer, a German Jesuit priest so badly injured by the explosion that he was able to leave his sickbed only after many months.

“And you are all right now?” the American captain asked.

“Oh, there are ten or fifteen radioactive glass splinters in my back they still don’t dare remove,” the young priest shrugged. “Don’t let that worry you.”

“Well,” said the pilot, “it doesn’t make me feel too good!”

The two men whose fates were so oddly linked are both in their early thirties. The priest is here studying labor relations at Fordham University, preparing for his return to mission work in Japan. Robert Lewis is personnel manager of Henry Heide, Inc., the New York candy firm. Both, then, are in the field of labor and its relations. Both of them have also strong convictions as to the need of peace in the world today, and both hope that the bomb itself will prove an instrument for bringing the dread of war so close to statesmen’s hearts that peace will be assured.]

r/Jesuitworldorder - Does the Atomic Bomb exist? Part 2

Father Schiffer and Robert Lewis study a map of Hiroshima brought from Japan by the priest who, at the time of the blast, was only eight blocks from its center. and

Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist! – The Greatest Deception In History..
Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist! Posted on 16th Jul 2016 by Admin in Eric Dubay. The complying with documentary explores the truth regarding nuclear energy as well as the remarkably plentiful proof that nuclear tools are a scam. A number of the nuclear surge videos we have actually all seen and assumed real are shown to be complete phonies …

Donald Trump calls nuclear docs claim a ‘hoax’ – New York Post…/12/donald-trump-calls-nuclear-docs-claim-a-hoax
Nuclear weapons issue is a Hoax, just like Russia, Russia, Russia was a Hoax, two Impeachments were a Hoax, the Mueller investigation was a Hoax, and much more,” Trump posted to Truth Social …

Nuclear Hoax – InTheBible.Life
The energy escaping from the nuclear radiation is actually minute. And we are told uranium and plutonium are so powerful that their half life decay rate will last hundreds of millions or even billions of years. We are also told by harnessing this radiated energy we can derive power from it.

Nuclear Power is a Hoax – Google Groups
to. Nuclear Power is a great boondoggle. there is no increase in the. energy created by the use of uranium. The energy is all added from an already available electrical source at. the TVA power line. When the uranium is processed it is it not hot enough to boil water so. the uranium must be enriched to make it fuel for the nuclear power.

The Big Nuclear Power Scam, the Fakery of Nuclear Bombs and the …
The first nuclear power plant was built in 1951 near Arco Idaho as an experiment. In 1957 the first operating plant was built in Shippingport Pennsylvania. There are now 64 so called nuclear power plants in the USA alone and a total of 104 reactors. Most were built in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and were said to last around 40 years.

The Great Jet Fuel Hoax – Christian Observer
Think of it, “The Boeing 747 burns approximately 10 to 11 tonnes of fuel an hour when in the cruise. This equates to roughly 1 gallon (approximately 4 litres) of fuel every second. It can carry up to 238,604 liters [that’s 63,033 gallons according to an online converter I found]. It has a range of about 7,790 nautical miles.”.

Nuclear Weapons Hoax? –
After it was developed, the atomic bomb was allegedly dropped on Japan twice in the 1940’s. The bombs reportedly brought a quick end to World War II. The technology was never used again in any war although the threat of nuclear weapons against humanity and the planet has been publicized ad nauseum. The only other evidence of atomic weapons …

Nuclear hoax scam documentary…
the dirty truth about oil fossil fuel hoax. Balkanfight3r | 116 Views. 3:41. Kabul airport hoax. Balkanfight3r | 167 Views. 35:36. Jewish Hoax of Nuclear Bombs and the Mythical ‘Cold War’, Mar 16, 2022. … Jewish Hoax of Nuclear Bombs and the Mythical ‘Cold War’, Mar 16, 2022. JimRizoli | 736 Views. 2:09 ☭/Ukraine Hoax. Heil1933 | 226 Views …

NUCLEAR WAR HOAX In Progress… – America Only
Intelligence suggests that there may be a NUCLEAR WAR HOAX underway. If this is the case the scenario is likely to look as follows: -Power and internet go down. -Illegitimate Biden Regime falsely claims attack by Russia and falsely declares Martial Law. -US Military and National Guard are deployed to confiscate all guns using force by any means …

The Nuclear Hoax
The Nuclear Hoax by Miles Mathis First published January 24, 2016 As usual, this is just my professional opinion, based on private research. I have already written a shortish paper on the Bikini Atoll tests, showing photographic evidence they were faked. Some have misread my arguments there, thinking I was implying that only the


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