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⚫ Theoretical talk about the fractal & what’s in the future… | I spot the silhouette of a Jester Clown in the background…

I hope our friend from Sweden sees my comment and this post.

Is the fractal Satan? I think it’s certainly a Demonic Jester Clown of some kind. I couldn’t help but notice the silhouette of a Jester Clown in the upper left hand corner of the video which persisted throughout the entire presentation, sometimes slightly sharpening and enhancing additional facial features into view as the video compression algorithm adjusted itself in tandem with the bandwidth allocated to his livestream.

Rephaim Clowns:

Stolen History has a really good thread on the “Nephilim Looked Like Clowns” topic that has recently gained traction. | THREAD

Fractal time! Goats in Detroit. Clowns in Space. Moon-keys and Bananas. The Detroit Saturn Fractal. The Life Source-Limiting Destruction Fractal.

I’m not in the mood to explain the fractal, nor do I even think I’m intellectually equipped to give any kind of explanation of this guy’s content in a way that be would useful to any newcomer or normie. Not that there would be anyone like that reading this anyway. These kinds of mind bending theories on the nature of reality require a certain degree of flexibility of thought that most people could never achieve. We aren’t like most people though, are we? However I think he did a fairly good job at explaining the fractal in somewhat layman terminology in this latest video. He gives a benevolent twist to Apollyon the Destroyer at one point when he coined the entity behind the fractal as a life source-limiting/inhibiting/throttling figure. Complicated stuff FOR SURE.

⚫ Theoretical talk about the fractal & what’s in the future… It became a bit too ling video. Later I talk about what I think of the future. Patreon:


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