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Tyrant Mayor’s Free Speech Meltdown | MAYOR MONIQUE OWENS: One of the dumbest politicians I’ve ever seen..EVER. Low LOW IQ Ex-cop Mayor embarrass herself during Town Hall. | Einstein Colorado Cop parks cruiser on train tracks w/ woman inside, train hits car, woman suffers SERIOUS injuries. | 3 Pigs Rape 13yo Girl Enrolled in Youth Program Who Goes on to Kill Herself. | Cops Carry-Out Unprovoked Drive-Bye Shooting

Meet super dummy Mayor Monique Owens of Eastpointe Michigan.


This is why we have to be careful as a society. This is what happens when a community becomes complacent and allows for an actual categorical retard with the reading comprehension skills of a first grader and the intellectual aptitude of a pile of mining tailings to become the mayor of an actual city in the United States of America. This woman makes AOC look like the Valedictorian of MIT’s latest graduating class. I don’t think this woman even knew where she was or is even capable of spelling her own name never mind knew what in the world she was actually talking about as she bumbled and stumbled through her asinine rationale as to why no one was allowed to say anything bad about her or question anything she does. This dummy was an actual police officer for 11 years apparently by the way. Not a surprise knowing how dumb most cops are. She’s a self-described “Social Justice Warrior Trailblazer”. Enough said.

Sometimes I feel like the universe is trolling me by presenting me video clips like these that feature such super dummies who are somehow allowed to hold positions of immense power and are given all this implied authority in their communities. All while I continue-on with my meager existence as a poor peasant thoroughly out-casted from society with no voice to speak of, watching YouTube videos from afar and complaining about the widespread societal retardation I see all around me. Lol. What are ya gonna do? Fuck ’em all. I’m thankful and relieved that I’m nothing like most other people at this point.

Crazy footage of a city council meeting a few days ago…. Video to submit? https://forms.gle/HmwnDQKvwvYPxe967 Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnbryanesq Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnBryanLaw

And I also put together some more random cop misconduct videos from this same channel and others just for fun. Try not to throw up. Pigs are so stupid and sadistic.

In my opinion K-9’s should be taken away from all police officers and only be used for tracking and as cadaver dogs by non-law enforcement personnel who are trained by the town in an official capacity.
3 of them. One is bad enough.


Telegram: Off-duty Chicago PD commit drive-bye shooting.

REDDIT: Officer kicks handcuffed prisoner

REDDIT: What the fuck is wrong with these pigs?

He resigned his position, found guilty of disorderly conduct, paid a fine and restitution for the damage. I hope no one else hired him.
Brandon Huckle will never be a police officer in Massachusetts. There was a law recently passed requiring all police to be “certified” and that includes background checks and also allows the public access to their records. So this crime, the partying with drug dealers, and the naked women thing will all show up.
Edit: added article about the law. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/boston/news/massachusetts-police-officers-post-commission-i-team/


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