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NEWS: TikToker Who Posted Video of a Giant on Whistlers Peak Mountain and Said CIA Was Stalking Him Dies 3 Months Later — The Confessionals

Here’s a doozy for ya. Normally I’m not one to post anything from the CCP controlled, Black Magick drenched and NPC dominated app/video platform known as Cringe Tok, but this series of videos and its accompanying backstory was more than worthy for obvious reasons. These Nephilim giants are supposedly due to return during the end times as in the days of Noah.

Source: NEWS: TikToker Who Posted Video of a Giant on Whistlers Peak Mountain and Said CIA Was Stalking Him Dies 3 Months Later — The Confessionals

NEWS: TikToker Who Posted Video of a Giant on Whistlers Peak Mountain and Said CIA Was Stalking Him Dies 3 Months Later — The Confessionals

TikToker Who Posted Video of a Giant on Whistlers Peak Mountain and Said CIA Was Stalking Him Dies 3 Months Later

A still from Andrew’s TikTok video Its a Giant.

If you are fascinated by the subject of giants (like we are) or you’ve spent any length of time on TikTok, there’s a good chance you’ve seen an intriguing video posted by Andrew Dawson earlier this year. In it, Andrew spots what appears to be a huge human standing on a mountain peak miles away. The giant video earned Andrew viral status, but it also may have earned him some unwanted attention.

The following series of events begins unexpectedly with Andrew’s viral video, and ends both mysteriously and tragically. Along the way, we had our own interaction with Andrew that only seems to deepen the mystery.

Is the giant video real? Is there a coverup involved? We’ll break down the timeline as we look at the many questions and few answers that make up Andrew Dawson’s story:

The Giant

On April 9, 2022, Andrew posted a video on TikTok of what appears to be a massive giant standing near the top of Whistlers Peak Mountain in Canada. The unexpected sight was pretty stunning, and it quickly went viral. Prior to posting the giant video, the content of Andrew’s videos focused on clips of family and random humor, with no mention of anything related to the world of conspiracies or the paranormal. His previous videos received hundreds to thousands of views, but his viral video of the giant has racked up 2.8 million views.

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In the following days, between April 11 and April 12, Andrew continued to take video of Whistlers Peak, sharing brief clips of himself trying to gather more information about what exactly he saw on the mountaintop. (You can view those videos in order hereherehere, and here.)


Then on April 12, Andrew shared in yet another video that someone “like some CIA agent” stopped him from entering the mountain area, despite it being public property.

A still from Andrew’s TikTok video C.I.A. Part 2.

Even though he was stopped by someone and made to leave, the next day Andrew began his adventure again, posting one video at 5:30am as he set off and another one that featured something unidentified in the sky above the mountain. Is it s plane? A UFO? The object is unclear, but its proximity to the mountain peak is curious. Even more intriguing, later that same day Andrew shared a video of two helicopters hovering near Whistlers Peak, stating that they were “extracting something.” What were they taking?

On April 14, a new video titled C.I.A. Part 2 showed Andrew driving to the mountain area in the dark, when he approached a stopped car with an unidentified person standing in front of it. Audio in the clip reveals Andrew spoke to the man, who told him, “Road’s closed, turn around.” He complies, but three days later on April 17, posted a chilling video titled Being Stalked in which he appears to confront a car that is parked in front of his own home. Sounding worried, Andrew exits his house and the car peels out, but a brief glimpse of it as it speeds off shows that it looks uncannily like the same car that stopped him on April 14.

A still from Andrew’s TikTok video Being Stalked.

Flipping the Script, Twice

Following this series of strange events, Andrew’s TikTok account remained silent until May 6, when he posted an even stranger entry. Leading off with, “Hey guys, I just wanna give you an update. I’m not dead…”, Andrew went on to tell his followers that every prior video he posted was a fake, scripted purely for entertainment.

It sounds like the case should close here, except that Andrew’s body language in the confession video seems oddly tense, with a hunched posture, hands shoved tight in his pockets, and his eyes darting frequently offscreen. It could be that he felt uncomfortable admitting to hoaxed videos, but his next post turns his story on its head yet again…

On May 16, Andrew posted a video eerily titled I AM SCARED. Only nine seconds long, he moved agitatedly through a dark room while saying, “You may not see me post ever again. My videos weren’t, they weren’t fake.” A further caption on the video reads, “To much has happened and i can’t be forced to be silent.” What prompted drastic reversal from his previous video?

Final Post

A still from Andrew’s video Military?

Although Andrew did post again, it was only one more time. The last video available on his TikTok account was posted on May 17, called Military?. It showed some kind of structure, or perhaps a large vehicle, on top of Whistlers Peak Mountain, very close to the location where he originally spotted the alleged giant. Andrew questions what the object is, and says, “That was not there yesterday,” before the video ends.

Andrew did not post again.

Reaching Out to Andrew

Because of our own interest in the topic of giants and the compelling visuals of Andrew’s original viral video, Tony reached out to Andrew via a direct message on Instagram on May 13, asking if he would like to interview for the podcast about his sighting. We don’t routinely utilize the TikTok platform, so at that time we were unaware that Andrew had uploaded his “hoax” confession video on May 6. We were likewise unaware when Andrew added his next video on May 16, only three days after Tony contacted him, and retracted his hoax claim.

The beginning of Tony’s Instagram exchange with Andrew.

Andrew responded to Tony’s IG message over a month later on June 23, with a simple, “Hey.” A short conversation followed.

Tony asked directly if the giant video was real or a prank, and Andrew responded as he did in his video from May 6, stating that it was “All fake everything fake it’s fake”.

He also asked Tony, “Why, What did u see”.

After sharing the link to Andrew’s own giant video to show him the one to which Tony was referring, Andrew proceeded to say that Tony shouldn’t talk to him. He additionally told him to “Be safe”.

Thinking the conversation was at an end, Tony responded to Andrew with his own “Take care.”

But Andrew followed up with two more messages, in which he asserted, “I can’t say anything about it”. . . “It didn’t happen”.

We had no further contact with Andrew, and never interviewed him about his viral video.

What Really Happened?

On July 1, 2022 one week after his brief Instagram exchange, Andrew died.

A few death notices for “Andrew Ryan Watchorn Dawson” can be found online, but beyond a birthdate, death date, and names of family members, details about his death are scant. It was only through an obituary on the internet that his death was publicly and quietly discovered. No other videos have been added to his TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. To date, we have found no explanation about what happened to him or a cause of death.

We aren’t sure what prompted Andrew to respond to Tony’s message a month after it was sent, and we don’t know what events transpired before his death. Unfortunately there are many unanswered questions, and tragically Andrew is no longer here. Our hearts are heavy for his loving family. If all of Andrew’s videos really were faked for entertainment, then he succeeded at making some memorable content! If Andrew did pass away under suspicious circumstances related to his giant video, we hope that the real events can be uncovered and brought to light, for his family and for everyone who seeks answers about unexplained experiences and hidden truths.

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