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Fort Lauderdale Airport Hoax | Are they even trying anymore? These crisis acting performances are exceedingly “Clownworldish” 🤡🤬

Source: https://fakeotube.com/video/5385/fort-lauderdale-airport-hoax

It’s no surprise that the type of individual who’d be willing to participate in a staged mass shooting event isn’t going to be the sharpest knife in the drawer or of the highest quality personal integrity, making for the overall aptitude level of the performance in general wholly laughable and exceedingly “Clownworldish”. They didn’t even try to dissuade the onlookers who took some of this damming footage from leaving the scene or putting down the camera. They likely just wanted to get paid for their crisis acting and didn’t give a shit about how terrible the optics might have been and just wanted to get it over with, with some likely regretting their decision to participate in such a despicable exercise. Watching the girls track team gallop down the runway together like that was as surreal as it was hysterical and despicable.

This is how little they think of the average person. They aren’t even trying anymore. In fact, they never were. They know that most people are so hopelessly brainwashed and unable to even remotely think critically, or for themselves, that it makes the actual believability of the overall performance ancillary at best.

These “mass casualty” events are a joke and clearly nothing but hastily executed gun-grabbing innuendo-generating schemes. G.G.I.G.S…. LOL. If you are still one of those braindead NPC’s who think that mass shooting events like this one are actually genuine, you deserve exactly what’s coming to you in the end when the Government who you trust so much for no damn reason decides to railroad and discard your worthless life and ever-diminishing personal freedoms once they deem it opportune to do so.

I now make sure to backup all videos that I post to Telegram via the very handy YouTubeDL Telegram bot. What a tremendous feature to use in tandem with Telegram’s unlimited cloud storage. I’m tired of encountering so many dead WordPress.com video links in my older blog posts and having to try to recover them via the Wayback Machine’s video caching archive that doesn’t always capture the link. I need to try to find a WordPress plug-in that automatically retrieves any archived copy of the video in the event the link has died since WordPress.com seems to be on a mission to identify any free website I might have created for the purposes of uploading videos and then banning that site.

fort lauderdale airport hoax
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