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HAIRY MARY: The Miraculous Body Hair of Giant Humanoid Mary Magdalene & Her Giant, Sometimes Dog-Headed Son Andronicus Christ of Crimea, a.k.a. St. Christopher. is an awesome site that I found a while back and definitely don’t utilize enough. They have some very unique and fascinating pieces with accompanying forums that lend even further analysis with additional sources and commentary.

This thread on Mary Magdalene and Christ being giant hair-covered humanoids from France was one of the more fascinating pieces of research I’ve come across in quite a while. Now, I had heard speculation about Christ actually being St. Christopher, who was also depicted as a giant and even as a dog-faced humanoid in some renditions of the famous Saint. The part about him and his mother Mary Magdalene also being hairy beasts as well as giant humanoids, was a startling new theory that I had yet to come across until now when reading about it at, but does at the least partially explain the dog-headed mythos of the St. Christopher figure. Our history has been so thoroughly meddled with by Jesuit and Khazar assholes that we will never know any semblance of what actually happened and who or what these figures truly were. But it’s fun to speculate on.

There is a very detailed research paper done on Medieval depictions of Christ as a giant humanoid.

Travis, William. “Representing ‘Christ as Giant’ in Early Medieval Art.” Zeitschrift Für Kunstgeschichte, vol. 62, no. 2, 1999, pp. 167–89. JSTOR, Accessed 6 Nov. 2022.

The part about Christ not dying on the cross in the way most people are told he did and the notion that he didn’t even die at all and simply recovered from his injuries while inside the cave and wasn’t resurrected from death, actually does jive, at least partially, with some of the most literal Greek translations of the Bible. Translations that describe the crucifixion as Christ being slung up on a post or tree and not nailed to a demonic T-shaped, unfolded-cube-inspired Latin cross ☦️✝️. The Romans wouldn’t have used such an impractical shape. They were known to use X-shaped ❎️ structures or a simple single post or tree trunk 🌴 to execute prisoners and criminals.

Let’s Get it Straight: The Cross is Pagan & Demonic & Jesus(Yahusha) was NEVER Nailed to the Demonic Latin Cross, But Hung Upon a Post or a Tree

I selected several of the more concise excerpts from the very lengthy thread on this fascinating topic on I would be sure to take a look at the complete thread for yourself though.


Christ did not die on the Cross. After hanging bound to wood for 6 hours, the smaller human crowd got bored and left, and a limp Christ was removed from the cross by his own family (no one else dared help) who brought him into a nearby cave to recover. There's no reason whatsoever to assume Christ was dead, or that the cave was used for burial. The Crucifixion by Tintoretto is a large painting in oil on canvas, installed in the Sala dell' Albergo of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice. It is signed and dated 1565. This painting is one of the most dramatic versions of the Crucifixion in the history of Christian religious art.
The Crucifixion by Tintoretto, 1565.
Christ was a hairy human giant. Here is a painting of his hairy giant mother from the Body and Soul exhibit in Italy. Sources: @summerbrennan I went to see the exhibition "Body and Soul: Sculpture in Italy from Donatello to to Michelangelo," and this was the first I had ever heard of the miraculous body hair of Mary Magdalene! I mean, what? @summerbrennan Jun 20, 2021. I guess Christians already knew about this? That she's supposed to have lived in the desert until her clothes crumbled away, then her own body hair miraculously grew to clothe her? Why hasn't this found its way into a short story I've read? Did everyone just know this already?
Christ means “anointed one” - meaning he was anointed with oil as part of ancient Deep State ritual of Baptism. This was unique for only one reason - Christ and his mother were large hairy humans from the eastern lands of modern Siberia -a land of giants that rarely participated in any Deep State religious ceremonies.

1185 C.E. - Historical Christ is Crucified in Istanbul: The crucifixion was meant to end the influence of Giants like Andronicus Christ by allowing the smaller humans to poke, stab, and laugh at the giants with impunity."
After arriving safely at home, Christ developed a following based on his hybridized religious teachings. The religion of Christianity formed around a series of parables as he demonstrated that people are born free from mental and physical slavery and don’t need to obey the Church or any God. This following spread quickly back to Istanbul, and once again someone claiming to be his Son. This lie sufficed and his followers scattered in fear. The crucifixion of Christ was designed to end the influence of Giants like Andronicus by allowing the smaller humans to poke, stab, and laugh at the giants with impunity while they were bound to the crosses.
The forts and castles of Istanbul were built specifically on the strategic Bophorus river to fend off Giants. If one wall were to fall, there were 2 more within. If the Deep State could trigger a crusade against the walls of Jerusalem, they would be able to eliminate a maximum number of Giants in a single event.

Andronicus Christ

Christ's mother - Katya - was one of those attempting to flee the census. She made it as far as Crimea before being caught. However, the locals of Crimea took pity on her as she was moaning in pain with a difficult pregnancy. The language barrier prevented the humans from asking Katya who the father was, and many assumed she was a prostitute.
Christ traveled with his family to Jerusalem in Istanbul where he trained as a Rabbi. In Jerusalem, rabbis would endlessly deliberate to bridge the gap between ancient Monotheism and the eclectic polytheistic indigenous religions of the east they were trying to subsume. This strategy backfired as Christ and his mother Katya remained unconvinced of the Church’s conclusions and authority deferring instead to the eastern belief systems Katya was raised in. As a result of Christ's clerical criticisms, his family was driven out of Jerusalem

Interesting Reddit post that literally ties all the subject matter in this post together. It’s just one person’s dream. But still.

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