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The Paul Pelosi “Attack” Makes No Sense… | Paul Pelosi was FRIENDS with attacker. Police Dispatch Audio: Paul Pelosi When Calling Cops Said ‘He Doesn’t Know Who the Male Is but He Advised that His Name Is David and He Is a Friend’

This story is Clownworld on steroids. So ridiculous in every facet of the storyline from start to finish. The EL-ites are obviously just fucking with us while at the same time beefing with each other behind the scenes in a war of attrition and power struggle. The same struggle that’s been going on since Trump was elected. There is no other explanation for SUCH an asinine alleged series of events being attempted to be conveyed to the public as truth. My goodness. Fuck off mainstream media. Just go away already. Blaming Trump for literally everything is a terrible look and your overall believability is at an all time low.

We know that Pwedie Pie is mind controlled by the Nephilim fractal clowns so it’s no surprise to see him maniacally posing with a hammer like that in response to the Paul Pelosi story. This whole storyline was likely one big Magick spell casting ritual and reality reprogramming expenditure of some kind.

The story just got weirder.

➡️Paul Pelosi’s Hammerin’ Time Is Trump’s Fault –
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