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A Word To The Unvaccinated

I never really felt that outcasted from those immediately around me. Everyone still loves me. All the ostracization came from fake people in the news and on TV. With the exception of a few retards, most people respected my position. Though I am overtly confrontational, so maybe they were just scared of me. Lol.

This video may be a bit dramatic. You shouldn’t get THAT much credit for simply not being a total fucking simpleton pushover idiot and for having denied the advances of the “creeps”(as Matt at QoC would say) as they stood menacingly over the masses with experimental gene-modifying Graphene Hydroxide-glistening syringes in one hand and micro-chipped PCR-tests readied to be jammed up your nose and smeared onto your brain barrier in the other. If anything, it was nothing more than our own instinctual sense of self preservation that prevented us from conforming and taking the euthanization clot shots or from getting tested non-stop, or from wearing masks around everywhere like fucking circus clowns. Much in the same way a dog knows not to jump out of a speeding car on the highway to their certain death. Don’t pat yourself on the back too hard. This guy is being a bit pretentious and overly dramatic. We did what we were supposed to do. You shouldn’t get superlatives for not being a dumbass and not bending over and letting the Government and big pharma rape you up the ass with a splintered piece of wood covered in rusty nails. Because if you got any of these shots, that’s exactly what you did. You probably have AIDS now.

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