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Old Photos of a Shirtless Brittney Griner Playing Basketball Seal the Deal on What Was Already One of the Most Laughable Attempts Yet to Pass Off a Biological Male as a “Woman’s” Athlete.

The fact that collegiate scholarships are being taken away from actual deserving and authentic biological female athletes by narcissistic men like Brittney Griner is absolutely infuriating and impossible to come to terms with.

Female athletes take a stand after transgender athletes dominate track event: ‘We’re facing the end of women’s sports’

We already know how little the public is thought of by those who control the mean mainstream sentiment on topics like women’s sports. They actually expect us to take their word for it that an individual like Brittney Griner is an actual biological female with a vagina and estrogen pumping through “her” veins. Lol. This beast is 6 foot 9 inches tall with blatantly obvious male genetic traits yet still can barely even dunk a basketball and actually seems to have botched more public dunk attempts than she/he has ever converted.

That was pathetic. I know 15-16 year old kids from the park in the hood in the north end of Hartford who are under 5 foot 10 inches who can dunk a basketball with ease, yet this thing can just barely get the ball to clear the rim on “her” dunk attempts and has more often than not embarrassed herself when attempting to throw down in a game. I guess her exceedingly low talent level is one of the reasons they have been able to somewhat hide the fact that she is not a biological female. The overall skill-set on display is so low that suspicions aren’t immediately arisen in the same way they would be if Mr. Griner was throwing down dunks with viscous authority like Shawn Kemp or some shit. For those of you who may not know, it was my tweet on Mr. Griners Adam’s Apple that got me permanently banned from Twitter. It was worth it though. This bitch has bamboozled too many for too long and had been getting way too much attention for this bullshit Russia political prisoner story and needed to be brought down a peg or two and exposed as the narcissistic and delusional con-artist that he and most of these gender-bending pro athletes are.

Even other trans content creators are calling this shit out for the insanity it is. Blair White has been treated in abhorrent fashion by the rest of her community for sticking up for biological female athletes and calling this shit out for the progressive nonsense that it clearly is.

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