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The Actor Based Reality with Ed Chiarini aka Dallasgoldbug | Matt McKinley of Quantum of Conciensce is Joe Rogan. WHAT THE F MATT??!!

Not sure what happened to Mr. Ed Chiarini, aka Dallasgoldbug. I know his website Wellaware1.com was taken down, though I was able to resurrect a lot of his content via the Wayback Machine in an older post of mine and it appears he’s actually had recently relaunched the website, though still with lots of dead YouTube embeds.

This video fills in a lot of blanks and is a great interview, CIA plant or not. His research is undeniable. Lots of hit pieces have been done on him in our messed up little community, but if you keep an open mind and give the research a fair shake, you will begin to see him as very credible.

The Matt McKinley/Joe Rogan connection really blew me away and left me rattled, but wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if it turned out to be true. Makes me think of QoC in a whole new light. That’s for sure. But I am not too sure about that one and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been a QoC fan for many years and absolutely look up to Matt. I do know that the Demonic avatar he used on his YouTube profile was always a bit fishy. Not that I’m claiming to have known just how deep this shit went until I saw this research and the link between Rogan and Matt. No one could have guessed. But seriously, how could one person have time to make content for both QoC and The Joe Rogan Show/Podcast? Seems impossible.

SparkieLee has a great collection of videos relating to this subject matter. Get em before they’re gone.

Our entire reality is a total Clownworld joke and even the Bill Coopers and Matt McKinleys are in on it. Heartbreaking but very necessary concessions any honest, unadulterated truth-seeking individual must come to terms with. A world where L.A. Marzulli is actually Stevie Ray Vaughn. A world where Barack Obama is actually Richard Pryors “love” child. If you want to know why I put “love” in quotes, watch the video.

If you don’t know now you know. Fuck this place. What the fuck Matt? Seriously bro. I’m partially kidding. If anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt for what he’s done for our community it’s Matt McKinley.

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