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Q, Operation Trust 2.0, Operation Patriot Clearance. The Q PsyOp From Top to Bottom. JFK Jr., NESARA and Our Clownworld Fake Reality. Don’t Fall For ANY Of It.

Trump and his cabinet of Ashkenazi Jews | https://www.bitchute.com/video/M0ErM5kMYgxd/

“Operation Trust 2.0” is another codename for the Q psyop. The Q Psyop hss been rebranded and relaunched in several different forms since 2015. “Q Clearance Patriot” was the original name of the operation that eventually became the “Q” we all know(not “Qanon”, that’s what the media mistakenly refers to it as. “Q” will get very upset if you refer to it as “Qanon”). Though Q-anon is a homophony for Cannan or Cain, which makes a ton of sense. Q is also a nod to:

(1) the feathered serpent Mesoamerican diety Quatzecotal.

(2)the Queens subversive “Qinetiq” intelligence apparatus.

(3)the “sentient” Quantum computer program that creates the Q drops and manages the rhetoric and tone of the psychological operation as a whole.

Visually it also acts as a representation of the human Zygote embryo being infected by a synthetic or serpentine genetic invader.

Operation Trust & Dzerzhinsky – The Story of A Great Strategic Intelligence Master [Podcast]

Most of these partisan political movements and many of these “alternative” social media and video platforms like Truth.Social and Gab are obvious honey hole traps designed to identify dissident citizens and gather intelligence to be used against the American people. I’ve even heard the much beloved and very free speech friendly Bitchute platform is British Intelligence! Say it ain’t so! Just remember never to trust anyone or anything.

Anyone still smoking the Hopium and buying into Q as a benevolent military operation here to save America and annihilate the Jesuit/Zionist Cabal is dumber than a box of paperclips. The Q movement is designed to “identify and neutralize” the opposition. It’s the Feds gathering intelligence. They’ve done this before.

There no “White Hats” secretly vanquishing the Cabal behind the scenes and holding secret military tribunals to bring the EL-ite leaders who control our Clownworld to ultimate justice. It’s all an act. Many of the people you see on TV don’t even actually exist. Only in theory and on non-legal paper. Their characters are specifically created to be used as influential public figures in Government and Hollywood and who act as policy and narrative shapers for the greater goals of the ruling class.

It’s foolish to get “mad” at Trump for being a vaccine-peddling NWO / Jesuit super shill because he isn’t even a real person. He’s a public character. Nothing more. He doesn’t actually exist as a sovereign human being with a social security number, mother, father and soul. He’s just a drummed-up character that was designed for public consumption and for public division-sowing. An individual who’s played by multiple different silicone mask-wearing stand-ins who are nothing but hired actors who play starring roles in the never-ending Illuminati family-sponsored theatrical production that is the Clownworld world stage.

Stop taking any of this seriously. They are making fun of us. I fell for it for a whole 5 days until I realized what was really going on and quickly snapped out of it. And I’m not just talking about abandoning Q. I’m talking about literally anything you see from any mainstream news source, politician or celebrity entertainment figure. Nothing is real. They love faking deaths, staging mass shootings and riling up the public in increasingly despicable ways. Always pulling on the heart strings of the mostly gullible everyday American and getting them to care about bullshit and people that aren’t even real.

The “Fall of the Cabal” series is a very slick and professionally crafted piece of propaganda that can captivate and inspire well-intentioned people into falling for the ruse that Crowley Moonchild Donnie Trump is somehow different and is here to save America and destroy the class of ruling criminal EL-ites alongside his longtime buddy JFK Junior.


But just remember that not only is Trump a member of the “Tribe of Dan” and bred from the same royal stock as all other former U.S. Presidents, but that JFK Jr., if still alive, would be one of the most pedigreed of any blue-blooded EL-ite on earth. With his father being a Kennedy and his mother an Onasis. BOTH parents representing one of the original 13 Illuminati bloodlines.

Bottom line: Junior and his orange painted fake billionaire TV personality buddy aint secretly saving any children, this country, or you from any damn thing and if you seriously believe that they are and that NESARA and MedBeds are about to come around via some One World government destined to be headed by the Royal Jesuit EL-ite duo of Trump-Kennedy Jr, then you are a lost cause and should go get one of Trumps vaccines that’s he’s so proud of for creating and sit quietly in the corner wearing your Satanic MAGA hat until you die of a blood cot, heart attack, stroke or autoimmune disease or of a broken heart when you realize just how badly you’ve been played.

Now, if you are one of those who take it even one step further and actually believe that Juan O’Savin is in fact JFK Jr., then that’s a whole another level of stupidity and I find myself struggling to articulate just how retarded one must be to buy into that rancid baloney of a con-job and LARP act. A con that’s still being put on by one painfully obvious scam-artist and likely intelligence agency goon and professional misinformation agent Wayne Willot. But hey, you do you. he

Still waiting for these indictments Mr. Durham. If you even exist that is….. Patel predicts Durham probe will lead to indictments ‘at the top’ in coming months (VIDEO)

It should be noted that these ruling bloodlines are prone to having internal power squabbles just like any other organization would and I do believe that some kind of “Tribe of Dan” civil war broke out around the time Trump came to office, leading to the deaths of many famous actors and politicians. This was one of the reasons why so many famous people came out in such rabid public condemnation of Trump before and after his rise to power. His Kushner-led administration was literally hunting down and executing certain rivals within the ruling class. Golden Dawn vs. Phoenix Order warfare. They were caught bragging about it during the Golden Globes.

A few of the more notable of these famous rivals within the bloodline that did not survive this squabble include:

I in no way vouch for the authenticity of those lengthy execution lists that I’ve often reposted from other sources. I can only offer my own personal speculations based off the mostly circumstantial evidence I’ve gathered over time that’s lead me to my own personal bombastic speculations about who specifically I believe has been executed behind the scenes. It’s always possible that I’ve been misled into believing this of course. It’s possible that it was ALL an act designed to mislead and misdirect. I don’t believe anything 100% anymore. Literally nothing. I only have theories. Theories that slide around on an always fluid scale of likelihood that I reserve the right to ammend at any point in time.


I actually do believe that JFK Jr. faked his death like so many other of these famous public figures from Illuminati bloodlines who play multiple deceptive roles on the Clownworld world stage and who do their part to keep our fake reality humming along while keeping their old world bloodlines in power and fortunes in tact. It’s about time they get exposed as the corny non-heroic tranny cult members they are.

On a side note, there is some good evidence that JFK Jr. could be one of the Anti-Christ figures were we forewarned about.

“Operation Trust” 2.0 : Top Ten:

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6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.
9 Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

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