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I Stopped Counting at $200 Billion | Rosa DeLauro IS Gen. Mike Flynn. Admiral Rachel Levine IS Mitch McConnell. You are being played, trolled and openly disparaged by the ruling EL-ites with their mockery performance art on the “World STAGE”.

Doesn’t Rosa DeLauro remind you of someone? A particularly outspoken and powerful “Patriot” with 3 stars on his chest? That’s G3eneral Flynn!!! Don’t you get it now? The world stage is a big fat piece of performance art mocking the public for how gullible and easy to manipulate most of the always-offended and distracted by bullshit everyday civilian NPC sheeple is. That’s General fucking Flynn. Can you see it? 🤣😂🤣 More importantly, can you handle it? Lots of cognitive dissonance blockades are being erected I’m sure.

Mike also appears to play the role of Robert Mueller. You see how this game works?

And don’t forget about the Brett Kavanaugh humiliation/initiation ritual where they had him dress up as one of the skeletons in his closet in the form of a woman he raped back in the day so they could grill him during televised hearings about the incident. Yes, the Christine Blasey Ford character you saw on TV was Brett dressed up as a woman, while of the older photos of Ford that were showcased by the media were in fact Amy Schumer.

GOODY GOODY TWO FACED FREEMASON GEN. FLYNN | https://www.bitchute.com/video/vSGatNCq9qd8/

Just like Rachel Levine is Mitch McConnell. They barely even changed their appearance at all.

If you can’t tell that the Admiral Rachel Levine character is a giant troll job on the American public and clearly Mitch McConnell, then you are lost forever. Just listen to the way he talks and delivers the outrageous trans-agenda. It’s more like a SNL skit than an official message from one of the highest ranking officers in all of the armed forces. 🤣😂🤣

Rachel Levine: “Gender-Affirming Care Is Literally Suicide Prevention Care” 12/06/2022

McConnell is Rachel Levine
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